Are Guitar Wall Hangers Safe?

Guitar wall hangers are safe for guitars. Guitar Wall Hangers are devices that allow you to hang your guitar on the wall without damaging it.

Guitar Wall Hangers can be a very helpful and convenient way of storing your guitar. You can also use them for displaying your guitar in the room if you’re not using it, without worrying about it falling down and breaking. One of the benefits of using a Guitar Wall Hanger is that they are usually easy to install and can be used with any type of guitar or bass.

The Materials of Guitar Wall Hangers

They are usually made of metal and have rubberized padding to prevent any damage to the guitar neck. The rubberized padding is a material that is elastic and soft, so it will not scratch the neck of the guitar.

They can be used in a garage, basement, closet or any other space as long as it is sturdy enough to hold the weight of the guitar.

Guitar wall hangers are a great way to make sure you can save some space in your room while still being able to display your guitar.

Test Hanger and Materials for Safety

It is important to ensure that the guitar hanger you select has been tested for safety. This will ensure that your instrument will not come off or get damaged while hanging on the wall.

In order for the guitar wall hanger to be safe, you need to make sure that the screws do not come all the way out of the wall and that they are screwed in all the way into the drywall. Screw length should at least go past the drywall thickness. Drywall standard thickness is ½ inch.

You also should ensure that there is a stud where the screw will go into and finish off by making sure there is a plastic washer or nylon nut on top of the screw.

If you are using toggle bolts or drywall anchors to mount the guitar hanger, you need to go all the way through the drywall. Make sure to not hit any electrical wires or plumbing inside the wall. A stud finder can be useful to finding either of these.

Advantages of Guitar Wall Hangers

  1. Guitar Wall Hangers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to store their guitar and safely display it. They come in different material like pine, cedar, and oak with a variety of finishes. Depending on your needs, these wall hangers will make it easy for you to find the right one for your taste.
  2. Easy access to your guitar
  3. Aesthetically pleasing. Improve the décor of the interior of your house! A guitar always looks amazing!
  4. Free up floor space

Disadvantages of Guitar Wall Hangers

Some disadvantages could include:

  1. Guitar getting accidently knocked off the wall
  2. Putting more tension on the neck of the guitar
  3. Humidity-As opposed to storing your guitar in your guitar case and humidifying the guitar, hanging a guitar on a wall hanger will make your guitar exposed to the humidity level in the room it is stored in.
  4. People wanted to play your guitar when they see it!

How to Hang a Guitar on the Wall

Deciding where to hang a guitar can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, such as the weight of the guitar, how much space is available in the room, and whether or not you have preexisting nails or screws in wall.

You will need:

-A level surface on which to string the guitar

-A good quality hanging system

-Screws, drywall anchors, toggle bolts (different mounting hardware)

-Drill and drill bits

What to do:

-Make sure the guitar wall hanger is plumb and square and where you want it on the wall

-Use the holes in the guitar wall hanger and mark with a maker or pencil the spots where the screws mount the guitar wall hanger

-Take the guitar wall hanger away from the wall. You should see two or more marks (depending the type of hanger) on the wall

-Drill into the drywall in those spots with an appropriate drill bit size for the anchor type you are using

-Install the anchors

-Place the guitar wall hanger on the wall with the holes lined up with the drill hole spots

-Use the screws or the anchoring hardware to mount the wall hanger to the wall. Make sure to sink the screws or mounting hardware down flush, snug and tight to the wall hanger and the wall.


-You are done. Test to make sure the guitar hanger is securely mounted to the wall. That’s it! You are now ready to hang your guitar on the wall!

-Note: If you are screwing and mounting the guitar wall hanger directly into a stud, you would not need any anchors or other types of mounting hardware.


Guitar wall hangers can be a safe way to mount your guitar on the wall. Make sure you take the appropriate steps to safely securing the hanger on the wall and you should be fine. Make sure whatever hanger and mounting hardware you are using can handle the weight of your guitar.

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