Is Guitar harder than Piano?

When we think of learning a musical instrument, the first two instruments that may come to mind are the piano and the guitar. Almost all of us have closely seen these two instruments. If you have seen these two, then you may also notice the structures. Anyway, what’s your opinion about which one will be hard to learn?  If you’re finding no clue, then go through our entire article and get a definite answer.

Things to consider for determining the difficulty  level 

It is always super exciting to learn new things. And when it comes to learning any musical instrument, we feel very enthusiastic. But, if we find it difficult in the initial stage, then most of us will give up without attempting much. The fact is: there is no substitute for hard work to get succeeded. In the end, it really pays off!

Underneath here we come with some determinators that will help you to understand which one is harder. Let’s get into it…

Guitar  vs Piano:  the beginner’s choice

A large portion of the rudimentary level students discovers piano learning simpler than guitar.

Here’s the reason :

  • In piano, you will find the notes in a linear pattern,  & a basic succession from low to high. On account of the guitar, you will find the notes are arranged in a complex pattern.
  • To make it even easier, your piano teacher can start your lesson with just the white key (for grown-ups) or the black key (for kids).
  • Although both of the instruments require great hand position and stance, initially you just required to learn the use of one finger to strike a piano key. Conversely, to get a note on the guitar, you have to learn the use of two fingers.
  • Your piano teacher will make you learn the scales & notes first; that requires minimal hurdles. For guitar learning, you have to confront the challenge of synchronizing your fretting hands with strumming hands in your first class.
  • The best thing is a piano player in the beginning level can play melody songs learning the use of just one finger.  But, in the case of guitar, your first lesson starts with chords which require much practice to make it right. Then, you have to rehearse more to be perfect in shifting from one chord to another. Another heck is the coordination issue.
  • You will have the opportunity to play a full melody just when you fulfill the aforementioned rules, in the case of a guitar. That means, unlike the piano, you will not be able to get the pleasure of accomplishment quickly with the guitar.

Guitar vs Piano: which music theory is harder to learn?  

Remember!  In our childhood, we started with letters, then we made words with those letters & finally we ended up making sentences. Surprisingly, learning music theory is no different.

Here, you will first acquire knowledge about notes, then chords, dynamics & so on. Although it is not essential to learn music theory unless you want to pursue your career in this field. But, you will get profited in the long run, if you invest some time in this. One of the greatest advantages you will be able to reap is: learning other instruments will be easier for you.

However, it is way harder to learn music theory for a guitar student contrasted with a piano student.

Here’s why :

  • When you choose to play the piano you do not have to put an extra effort to learn music theory. The theories are designed in a way that it might show a connection between standard notation & piano keys. But, things turn out difficult with the guitar.  The relation of a guitar with standard notation is extremely convoluted due to different string arrangements.
  • However, You won’t get baffled finding the sharps/level/normal in piano since there are just dark and white keys. But, when you play the guitar, it is very difficult to track down those things. You will have to memorize  – musical Alphabets (A-G), which one indicates sharps(… C, C#, D, D#….)  or which one flats (…C, Db, D, Eb…..). Practically, you have to deal with the blend of both (.. C, C#, D, Eb… ).
  • If you are a piano player & looking for alternatives, then you can choose the learning by ear process. But, it is somewhat harder. However, the guitar learner can make his/her way easier by reading tabs & chord charts. Although this option isn’t that much precise like the standard notation, it works out positively for guitar, & manageable to a greater extent.

Guitar vs Piano: which one is harder for an advanced learner?  

After reading the aforesaid parts, you may conclude as guitar learning is harder than piano. Things will turn out distinctively here.

Let’s check out why :

  • For an advanced learner, it is easier to master the guitar than piano. That’s because the most difficult part of guitar learning is the barre chords. When you get accustomed to this part, the rest path itself gets easier.
  • But, the graph slows down usually for a pianist when they venture into the advanced level. Here, you have to learn the use of two hands & different fingers. Besides, you need to implement some tricks to play musically free notes.

However, in case you’re enthusiastic about anything, you will find a way to become a master in. So, don’t be fret.

Guitar vs Piano: which one is Budget-friendly?  

Budget is another cruel yet vital parameter to know which one is going to be harder for you. Like, not everyone can spend bucks to buy their bliss.

However, the price of both depends upon your interest. Below, you will get a basic idea about their price :

  • For beginners, it is more than enough to purchase a guitar that costs $200.
  • However, you can buy a piano keyboard by spending $100. It is a suggestive price for an initial learner. When you have a decent financial plan, at that point you can purchase a genuine piano spending around $1,500.

Guitar vs Piano: which one is more convenient?  

Undoubtedly, the guitar steps far ahead in this race. Check out the reasons below :

  • It’s all because the guitar weighs less than the piano. So, you can carry it all around.
  • You can carry out the piano keyboards as well, but it may not be suitable for every place.


Here comes the final breakdown. Your interest & hard work for learning any of these instruments may deplete the hardness. In our article, we try to bring some aspects in front of you so that you can measure the difficulty level. Hopefully, the above will assist you with choosing which one you might want to go further with.