How to choose the right guitar size for your kid

How to choose the right guitar size for your kid

People of all walks of life lead a very monotonous life in the world be it the students or the office goers. They always look for a scope of entertainment and escape to relax. The majority of people across the globe love to hear their favorite music during their leisure. Have you ever imagined how your favorite songs could be heard if there was no tuning from guitar within them?

Guitars have been a magnificent part of the music industry since their inception. People love to randomly play their favorite tunes with the guitars in a small gathering of friends, tea-stall, the bank of a river, and also in a park.

They find mindful evasion and peace from it. It’s a beautiful device to have and play sitting in an idle evening to cheer up the mood. You may often find your kids seeing videos on YouTube and wanting to learn guitar. They want to play beautiful songs on their guitars. But what if you know almost nothing about the guitar. In this article, I will help you out on how to choose the right guitar size for your kid


What kind of guitar should a child start with?

Children usually don’t have an attention span as much as adults do. They also don’t have as much persistence as we do. Before thinking about how to choose the right guitar size for your kid, you need to get sure of the type of guitar your child should start with.

It would help if you made sure that the guitar you are going to select for your child is a very easy-going one. The guitar should have nylon strings that are compatible with the fingers of your kids and a thin neck for easy handling. These will ensure that the guitar doesn’t have a coarse impact on your child’s fingers.

A classical guitar is recommended for the initiation of your child’s guitar lessons. This type of guitar is perfect because they don’t have hard strings as the electric and acoustic guitars have.

 What size guitar should I buy for my kids?

Before buying a guitar for your child, you should remember that the guitar should be very comfortable in their hands. It will depend on the features like age, height, how new they are to guitars, their experience if any, and others. But the most important thing to be considered here is the comfort while using it. Below in the following para, you will get a clear overview of how to choose the right guitar size for your kid.  

 How do I know what size guitar I need for my kids?

Has your kid expressed the interest and the urgency to buy him a guitar being inspired by the music shows? And you may be wondering how to choose the right guitar size for your kid. Well, the size of a guitar to be bought for your child will depend mostly on his age and height.

A kid who is 4 to 6 years old and has a height of almost 4 feet will require the guitar measuring 30 inches in length. And this kind of guitar is sized as ¼. Again, a 5 to 8 years old kid of almost 4 ft. 3 in. height will need a guitar that is 34 inches in length, and the guitar size will be 1/2. Kids aging from 9-10 years with a height of 4 ft. 8 in. will require a guitar measuring 36 inches in length and the size here will be ¾.

Now it comes to the section where we will discuss a few grown-up children.

A kid aging between 10 to 12 years will require a guitar that is 39 inches in length, and it is sized as 7/8. Again, a child whose age ranges from 12 years to more than that will require the guitar measuring 40 inches in length, and here, its size will be 4/4.

What is the best size guitar for beginners?

There goes a whole lot of things under consideration when you go to buy a guitar for someone who is very new to this. Only nylon strings having classical guitars will not do the task here because the foremost thing which should be looked at here is how your child feels playing the guitar. He should feel joy while playing it. The classical guitars are perfect for beginners, and below here, you will get to know about the best size of guitars for beginners.

If the beginner is aging just 5 years or less than that and his height is between 76 to 100 cm, then the ¼ sized guitar is perfect for him. Again, if his age is between 5 to 8 years with a height of 100 to 125 cm, he should be given a guitar of ½ size.

Beginners aging between 8 to 12 years with a height between 125 to 165 cm will require a ¾ sized guitar. And a full-size guitar should be given to a beginner whose age is more than 12 years and has a height of more than 165 cm.

 Is 4-4 a full-size guitar?

Yes, a 4-4 size guitar is termed a full-size guitar. Full-size guitars have been one of the popular ones in the industry. A 4/4 size guitar is the largest one you will find in the guitar shops. Its length is 40 inches. This type of guitar is often stated as a standard guitar or a complete size guitar.

For kids whose age is 12 years or more than that, this size of the guitar is mostly the right pick. This sort of guitar configuration is not only for the kids but also for adults. This is the reason for which there is a vast collection of full-size guitars available in the market today. You will find different models among the classical, electric, and electric guitars of complete size configuration.

 How long is a 3/4 size guitar?

A ¾ size guitar is 36 inches long. Different configurations of guitars have got different measurements. And the size of the guitar needs to be selected based on the previous discussion.

The 3/4 size guitars are for the ones ageing from 8 to 11 years. Beginners of this age range prefer to buy these guitars since they find these comfortable. This type of guitar size is the most popular among the young population wanting to learn guitar-playing. Majority of the kids start to learn guitar between the age of 6 and 10 years. They learn at clubs in schools or with a private guitar instructor. That is precisely the reason for there being a massive choice for this guitar size in the market. This is possibly the most hyped product among beginners.

Moreover, the guitar size doesn’t connect to the total length of the guitar but the scale. The scale is considered as the distance between the bridge of the guitar and its head, which measures almost 3/4 of a full-size guitar. Since 3/4 size guitars are one of the most popular guitars in the market, there are many different models produced by several manufacturers in the world. But first of all, you need to know if you want to buy a classical guitar with the strings of nylon, an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar with the strings made of steel. A classical guitar with nylon strings is always the perfect choice for kids and beginners who have just started playing the guitar.

 Does hand size matter for guitar?

It can be stated without any doubt that your hand size matters for guitar. Because, the most important thing while playing the guitar, which is the comfort while using it, is mostly dependent on the size of hands. Also, if you are thinking about how to choose the right guitar size for your kid, the hand size is going to be a significant parameter to look at.  

Every kind of hand has advantages and disadvantages of playing the guitars. If your hands are significant, it will be easier for you to play and master the barre chords. But if you have small hands, the opposite will be the case.  


 Are Smaller guitars more comfortable to play? 

This is the most popular question in the guitar industry, especially among the beginners. Are you wondering how to choose the right guitar size for your kid Are you also looking into the fact if the smaller guitars are more comfortable to use or not?

Yes, the smaller guitars are more comfortable to play. These are easier, especially for the beginners and the kids. They don’t find the full-size guitars comfortable within their hands. The advantages which are provided by the smaller guitars are stated below:

1) The perfect choice for beginners

One of the most major complaints in guitar schools is that the kids have fatty hands, and they cannot play specific cords properly. Small guitars are the ultimate solution to this problem, and this makes the beginners very comfortable while playing these small guitars.

2) Easy in storing

You will always want a guitar for your kid which you can store easily on the table or a shelf. These small guitars give you the ultimate advantage of easy storage.

 3) The affordable choice

The smaller guitars are the most affordable in the market. You will always want your child to begin with a budget-friendly guitar rather than getting an expansive fancy one.

 What is a good size guitar for a 9-year-old?

Different age-groups have a different requirement regarding the dimension of guitars. If your kid is only 9 years old and willing to buy a guitar, buy him a 36 inches guitar. This is measured as a 3/4 size guitar, and you’ll find a massive range of collections because it is the most popular size in the guitar industry.

Just buy your kid a 36 inches guitar if he is nearly ready for taking on a full-size guitar.


Guitars are an integral part of the music industry and the most popular instrument among the musicians. The playing of guitar and the magical tunes always add a loving flavour to any of the composed songs which are famous. Many kids are being inspired by the greatest guitarists like Bryan May, BB King and many others and thus they also want to play the guitars. They are keen to learn them. It is so important to know how to choose the guitar size for your kid if he loves guitars.