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How much guitar practice per day?

Even if you are a guitar freak you can’t practice it all through the day so you need to have an idea about the practicing time. Along with knowing the time limit, you need to know other factors related to this topic. We are going to give you a brief perspective on this so keep your eyes sharp.

How long to practice guitar per day?

It is very important to know the practicing time limit for each day to learn guitar in a healthy process. So let’s find out how much is the healthy time limit for you:

  • First, decide how much time it will take to learn the maximum tricks of playing the guitar. Then you can divide the time for each day to match up the schedule.
  • If you have already learned guitar for a while but want to practice every day because practice makes a man perfect then one hour per day is enough.
  • Practicing every day is important but it may bring boredom if you don’t split the time and complete one hour in just one session. You can complete the one hour by dividing it into three or four sessions in a day.

How long does it take to learn guitar?

If you are a beginner you must estimate how fast you want to learn the basics of guitar. According to that, you can make your everyday guitar practice session routine. Though no exact time limit can be given for learning guitar some ideas can be given.

  • If you want to learn the introductory and basics well then it may take approximately 2 years.
  • Learning easy tunes may take 1 to 2 months only.
  • That means you need to set up your goal first while learning. If you want to become a professional then you need many years and practice more and more.

Are long guitar practice sessions bad for you?

It depends on how long your practice session is going to be. However, let’s find out the answer to this question below:

  • Focus is the most needed factor while practicing guitar and a long session can hamper your focus.
  • Long sessions can easily make you tired and bring boredom which reduces interest in learning.
  • Furthermore, you will not remember most of the learnings you get if the practice session is too long at a time every day.
  • Your other works can also get hampered if you feel exhausted from your long guitar practicing hour.
  • So it is quite clear that longer practice sessions without any breaks are bad for you. Try to make your practicing session short by splitting it into short sessions.

How important is taking breaks?

Taking breaks in between guitar practice sessions is quite necessary and healthy. Let’s learn about the reasons in detail below here:

  • You have already come to know that one hour per day is enough for you to practice guitar. Completing this one hour by taking breaks in between can increase your focus.
  • We can’t keep concentrated on anything after 15-20 minutes and to keep concentrated all the time, breaks are important.
  • Along with keeping you focused, breaks can also prevent any kind of tiredness and exhaustion during your learning sessions.
  • By taking breaks you can feel more refreshed and enthusiastic about learning guitar. Thus you will remember what you are learning from the practice sessions better.

Can you increase your practicing sessions day by day?

Whenever we start practicing something new we become very curious about that and want to practice more and more. In the case of practicing guitar, the situation is also the same and now we will learn if it is okay or not.

  • If you are a beginner you shouldn’t practice more than 1-2 hours a day.
  • You might be thinking that by increasing practicing hours you will become a professional guitarist very soon. The fact is related to maintaining regularity but not increasing the time limit.
  • Practicing one hour daily is ideal but if you have any program to perform at you can increase the time limit for those days.
  • Another point is if you are already a professional and got used to guitar playing often then you can practice guitar more than 1-2 hours a day.
  • Increasing the practicing time day by day is not a very good idea. But if you have settled a goal of learning guitar within a short time you can increase the time a bit after getting used to playing guitar.

Healthier and efficient guitar practice session per day

Till now you have got a lot of information about guitar practicing time per day and other related factors. Now it’s time to learn about how a healthier and efficient guitar practice session looks like. So I am presenting some examples in this segment below:

  • You have to know about the science behind effective guitar practice. Whatever the time limit is you will forget the learning after some days if you do not practice the same tune again and again.
  • You have to maintain regularity instead of increasing your practicing time. 1-2 hours of practice is enough per day for you.
  • Split the practice time of a day into three or four sessions to prevent tiredness and loss of focus.
  • You can divide the sessions by morning, midday, evening, and night time. In this way, your mind will be more focused and calm all through the sessions.
  • You can also complete the practice time in one part of a day by taking short breaks. For example, you can have a tea break or take a walk around every 15 or 20 minutes later while practicing.


Learning guitar is not so easy and it needs continuous practice and dedication. Dedication doesn’t mean practicing for several hours per day rather you can practice for less time but regularly. So take guidance from the above article and then arrange a practice session of a healthier time limit every day to learn guitar more effectively.

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