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How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar

Music is one of the largest sources of entertainment among people around the world. People hear music in their happy times, sad hours, and also amidst the small gaps during monotonous schedules. Have you ever thought about how the great songs of Linkin Park, Eminem, Aerosmith, Nirvana, and other famous bands have been nicely put together with the combination of lyrics, music, and all others? The music tuned by acoustic guitars is one of the most vital parts of the composition of these great songs.

The younger generation gets heavily inspired by hearing this music. It’s quite familiar that nowadays, your kids can force you or want you to buy them acoustic guitars. Because they also want to learn how to play them and be like the rock stars they see on TV, YouTube, and live concerts.

It depends on several factors for knowing about “how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar“. It will rely on the position one might be in. He can be a beginner or someone who is already in the process, or he also can be someone who has stopped after playing for a few months. Everyone’s approach will be different. But if he tries to maintain the basics well while playing, is determined and confident, he can learn properly within a considerable period. Below, you will get to know in detail about “how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar”.  

How to reduce the time it takes to learn acoustic guitar?

There is no shortcut to learning any skill in the world. Hard work and determination are the only two things that will make you reach the pinnacle of success. You may learn a skill by implementing shortcut pathways, but that learned skill will not bring any good to you.

A huge number of guitar enthusiasts ask how they can minimize or reduce the time taken to learn an acoustic guitar. There is no such magic that can let you discover this within a concise time. But, if you follow some steps, you can know it properly and quicker than others. These are surely going to ease you down if you are thinking about “how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar”?   The steps are as follows:

1) Always try to attend the practice. Never try to be late for it.

2) Don’t give a big gap while learning. It will only make you forget the easier things you learned.

3) It would help if you always tried hard.

4) Learn step by step, and don’t concentrate on difficult chords initially.

5) It would help if you always were determined that no matter what and how many obstacles you face, you continue the learning process.

Just remember one thing that even the best guitarists faced problems while learning, so don’t fade away if you find issues initially.


Is it challenging to learn acoustic guitar?

Yes, on a particular note, it isn’t easy to learn an acoustic guitar. But if you have learned the basics well no matter what type of guitar you started with, it will be easier to learn acoustic guitar. The grammar may be different on certain guitars. But the people with good basics will understand it quickly.


Should I learn guitar on acoustic or electric?

You can learn on an acoustic guitar because it will help your hands and fingers become stronger quickly. Again, you can start with an electric guitar because it is easier to play in comparison to an acoustic guitar. But I will recommend the acoustic one because, if you can develop your hand muscles properly and can coordinate your finger movements, acoustic guitars will give you the best results.

Look, these two guitars have their pros and cons. It will be very wise to make the decision based on the one you are comfortable playing. You should also look at your budget and select the one as per it.


What type of guitar is most comfortable to learn?

An acoustic guitar having steel-strings is the best guitar, to begin with since it will be much easier on hands and you can learn appropriately on it.


The picking up of guitars

This is the most vital step before going to learn the acoustic guitar. If you can choose the perfect one for you, it will be very advantageous to help you with a good grip and excellent tuning. This will increase your confidence day-by-day, and you will eventually improve. Here is how to pick up the right acoustic guitar for you or your child or near ones. It is a significant step if you are wondering how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar?  

A considerable guitar will make it challenging for you to make adequate reach with both of your rights and left hands. If you have to raise your arm to the level of your shoulders to have an excellent grip on your guitar, it will be excruciating and worst. Again, if you have to overreach for getting the very first fret, the guitar will make you fall under a vast technical disadvantageous situation. 

The reason behind this is that you have already been stretching out your muscles which makes it difficult to slide the fingers on the designed fingerboard properly. Generally, acoustic guitars are preferred by the ones who are grown-ups or have mastered classical guitars. That means a child or a beginner won’t start with an acoustic guitar. So, these apply to adults. They can take for themselves full-size guitars. The length will be 40 inches.  

Guys having a small stature will prefer a 40 inches size guitar or one smaller than that. But the taller ones prefer to buy a 41inches size guitar which is Dreadnought.

The usual duration of an acoustic guitar learning process  

The most commonly asked question which a considerable number of people ask before getting an acoustic guitar is “ how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar?“.

It relies on several things. It will not only depend on how much talent you possess. Indeed, having skills in music and the right hearing ear will assist you in achieving outstanding results. Still, in the competitive game, the guitarist who is hardworking and jams appropriately regularly will eventually get over the lazier and even more talented musicians.

Learning guitar will imply learning completely new movements and coordination of hands and fingers. This can be often exemplified as the process of learning to walk. You will be required to strengthen the muscles of your hands which you overlooked that existed, and more importantly, you’ll have to learn exact and coordinated movements of fingers as well. The only way to go while learning these new movements is to improvise on your hand-muscle memory and make an improvement at playing the acoustic guitar.

This was just a general discussion initially. But let us go to the fact of how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar:

 The general progression after 1 to 2 months

After practicing for 1 to 2 months, you will be able to play easy-going songs that don’t have complex chords. You will also be able to learn how to change among the strumming of standard chords, the plucking of vocals with the single string which can be done without massive string jumping and arpeggios of chords.

 The general progression after 3 to 6 months

If you are done with practicing on your acoustic guitar for 3 to 6 months, you will be able to play a bit more complicated songs that require many more technological advancements. For instance, pieces that need easy hammer-ons, pull-outs, and other more uncomplicated techniques.

 The general progression after a year

One year of practice is said to be a decent amount of training for acoustic guitars. You will be able to play some of the expeditious level songs which include many popular songs on guitar, the riffs, the blues, and many more. You will possibly start getting a more conclusive feel for different barre chords at this level of practice.

 The general progression after 2 years

If you practice regularly and for 2 years, you will be able to play most of the songs. You’ll need to practice on them before you can play them correctly, but learning to play a song within only 2 years is very fast. This will state the fact that you have mastered the majority of the technical improvisations already.

 The general progression after 3 years

Learning and practicing on acoustic guitar for 3 years will mean that you have already learned the theory of guitar during your practicing journey. And now, you’ll be able to develop different guitar skills as well.

 The general progression after 5 to 6 years

After 5 to 6 years of practicing and learning, you can now present yourself as a guitarist of the advanced level guitarist. And at this stage, you will be capable of playing any songs and tunes as per want.

 The general progression after 10 years

At this stage, you will get to know how matured you have already become and what it needs to be more accurate. It is a fact that your room will reach a yearly collection of 7 to 10 guitars.

The general progression after 20 years

At this point, you can take it as a profession or join a band. You can also entertain large groups at your college, playing some songs. You also need to look at the high-quality acoustic guitars if you want to move on to the next level from here.

Then what is the summary of this? What is the actual answer to the question asking how long does it take to learn acoustic guitar?

The answer is there is no actual limit to learning acoustic guitars. You may start, and then if you want just to play 2-3 songs, you can learn some chords and then stop. You can also dream of choosing guitar playing as a career or even join a band. For them, it will take longer. It has been described above in detail. It’s neither a straightforward process nor a very complicated one to learn, but often we see people buying guitars and playing them for 1-2 days and keeping them in the corner of a room for years. You don’t learn to play the guitar if you are that careless. It is also not about only seeing several tutorials on YouTube and starting jamming. It is a slow absorbing process. Start with your hand muscle development and continue with the practice regularly.


How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar will mainly depend on the amount of hard work and attention you have put into the process. It’s always great to learn guitar these days. It swings up our moods now and then to tune, and plays some beautiful songs and music. Even the greatest guitarists started their journeys with these guitars. 


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