Guitar picks for beginners

Picks are the tiny, cute type of stuff that brings accuracy to your guitar playing. They are cheap. Yet, most beginners tend to use their fingertips instead of picks. Perhaps! they aren’t aware of the benefits of this stuff. Or, they may have harsh experiences with picks as it produces unpleasant sounds when you strike forcefully. So, in today’s article, we come with a complete guideline for choosing a suitable pick for beginners.

Do guitar picks make a difference?  

Beginners or intermediate level learners often make the mistake of ignoring this thing. But, it brings differences in your playability.

Here’s how :

  • First off, when you hit the strings with picks,  it changes the vibration & therefore affects the tone.
  • Besides, when you use a stiff & thick pick, it attacks the string strongly. Thus, it produces a bass & midrange type tone.
  • If you use a thin & flexible pick, it creates less bass & a more high type of music.
  • Overall, It gives you precise control over the guitar strings.

Should beginner guitar players use a pick?  

No wonder, It is a wise decision to start your journey with the pick. Some people say, if you are learning classical music, then you don’t have to use picks. However, it’s your choice. Do what – that comforts you,  & at the same time add values to the things you up to.

Next, we point out some aspects that will answer why a beginner should use a pick :

  • When a learner strikes for the first time the string with a pick, it may produce an uneven, unpleasant noise. This experience later keeps them away from trying picks.
  • Bear in mind that, It’s always challenging to adopt something new. As a beginner, everything related to the guitar will seem new & a bit tough for you. If you try to learn the use of other things, then why not pick!  Besides, this one is super easy to use.
  • Furthermore, It will not stop you from learning the finer style later. Because it is all about using your right hand. So, if you get the use, then it doesn’t even matter whether you’re using picks or fingernails or a coin.

How do I choose a guitar pick?  

Now, you may not have any doubt about giving it a go or not. Perhaps! You may not like to hurt your fingernails. But, how could you find the useful ones as the market is loaded with tons of options?

Don’t be fret. Here, we come with a complete guideline. Go through this part to pick up your desired picks.

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  1. The thickness of the beginner picks 

Considering thickness is the first & foremost attribute to look for when selecting a pick. However, you should emphasize the style of playing guitar & genre.

  • Acoustic guitarists often use extra thin guitar picks. That is because it produces different sounds than heavy picks. If we talk about the thickness, it is 0.45 mm.
  • The pro players use thin & lighter guitar picks to play acoustic guitar for enjoying faster strumming. As it is 0.46-0.76 mm & weighs light, you can easily grip this.
  • Another option is the medium guitar picks which range from 0.71-0.81 mm. You don’t have to put any extra effort into playing it. So, it is highly recommendable for beginner guitarists.
  • The next option is the heavy guitar picks which range from 0.85 to 1.20 mm. It is especially suitable for solo and group jams.
  • Lastly, If you use an electric guitar, then extra heavy guitar picks will be a suitable one for you. Bebop and jazz guitarists also use this extra heavy pick as it produces a warm & mellow type sound.
  1. The shape of the beginner picks 

The next consideration should be the shape. You need to choose a large-sized one which adds comfort to your grip. Then, you need to focus on the tips. Remember that a pointed tip will strike the strings perfectly than others. You can try different shape picks to know which one will give you a better experience. Here are a variety of choices :

  • From amateur to pro guitarist, everyone prefers to use the standard “351″. This heart-shaped pick comes in a variety of sizes which are well-known for accurate & smoother playing.
  • Our next suggestion is the Jazz III. As the name suggests, it is suitable for jazz players due to producing impressive speed and precision. Professional & advanced guitarists also use this pick for having sharp tips & a heavier gauge.
  • You can use a shark fin that comprises rounded edges with wavy fins.
  • Other picks include Teardrop (wide & thin), pointy pick,  triangle pick & so on.

3. Guitar picks texture for beginners 

The annoying experience almost every guitarist often goes through is falling off the picks from hand. Especially if you are an acoustic guitar player, the feeling may not be hidden from you. This is where a textured pick enters into the play. Take a look to find out a suitable one for you.

  • You can buy a polished pick that features smooth surfaces. The only heck is it can slip when you start to sweat.
  • If you have a sweating issue, then you can try sanded picks. Like, the tortex picks gives you a sanded feeling, so it will not get slipped.
  • Other recommendation types include raised pick, or stone, metallic or leather-textured picks.

4. What should the materials be like? 

Lastly, you need to check the material type. Depending on this factor, the durability of the picks will be calculated. Like,

  • Nylon picks type lets you good quality strumming & lasts for a longer period than the celluloid ones.
  • Besides, Nylon picks are also suitable for people who have sweating issues.
  • Other suggestion types include: Glow in the dark picks, Camouflage, or Perloid picks.


We are almost at the end of enclosing our article. After reading this, you may have got enough reason to use picks for guitar. If you’re new in this field & puzzled with which one to buy, then you can take the help of our aforesaid information. Hopefully, you will be able to get your favorite one.

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