Can anyone learn the guitar?

The guitar is one such musical instrument which anyone would love to learn. Like, we all inclined to play this thing. But, many of us don’t try to endeavor to see it’s external outlook; it is cool but complex. Besides, some people think that they can’t learn the guitar as they grow old. However, we will divulge some aspects in today’s article that will change your notion of learning this tool.

How hard is it to teach yourself guitar?

If you start something with a notion that it is hard, the difficulty level will increase twice no wonder. The thing is you should start first no matter what. Besides, persistency is the key to attaining ultimate success.

  • However, If you search, you will find a lot of self-taught persons who play the guitar amazingly.
  •  Although you may not develop 100% skill by self-teaching, you will reach a higher level which is too good to show for sure.

In next, we share some tips which anyone can follow to fulfill their guitar learning dream.

Anyone can learn guitar: Four tips to follow  

Learning guitar may seem like a daunting task for many tenderfoots. It is because they think that they have to be musically adept, in reality, everybody can learn guitar. In the following, we come with a 3-step framework that will assist you to reach your road-to-success.

Tips 1: Select a suitable guitar for you. 

There are tons of options available,  & selecting anyone can be a bit hectic.

  • You should choose the one that suits your size.
  • After that, you should focus on which one is simpler and easier to play.
  • It is a fact that having any guitar is far better than having no guitar. On the other hand, having a guitar that produces rubbish sounds may leave a long-lasting effect on your skill; take it seriously.
  • Here, we will suggest you go with Squier, Yamaha, Redwood, Farida, or Ibanez brand. You should purchase one within $150-$200. Below this range may give you a harsh experience.

Tips 2: Works on the stepping-stone chords 

Chords are one of the most difficult parts to master for any guitar player. The thing is they start with the standard version of open chords. So, most of them lose their motivation in the initial stage. Fortunately, there are some easy chords available that will move you to learn & practice more.

  • You can start with stepping-stone chords. It is simple, super-easy,  & will replace your all anxiety with progress.
  • It also helps you create music more quickly. Besides, it makes you even more concentrated for strumming. That is because it gives you better finger control. Besides, you get the flexibility to play full chords smoothly.
  • Like, instead of playing C major, you can Cmaj7. This is a substitute for standard chords. As it is an easier version, so you have to give less effort.
  • The best part is knowing about this chord will increase your musical vocabulary. Like, you will get decent knowledge of multiple voicings of every chord.
  • Later, it will benefit you with the skill of picking a suitable voicing according to the situation demands (style/mood/vibe).
  • You can ask your instructor to teach you some stepping stone chords or you can take the help of google.
  • For your convenience, we add another example here. We all know how frustrating it is to set three fingers on the fretboard for playing A major, especially at the beginner level. Here, you can play Asus2 using just two fingers.

Tips 3: Try to learn the Universal Strumming pattern 

There is a myth to debunk about the guitar is you have to be proficient in a series of strumming patterns. Some songs indeed require a hard strumming pattern, some require simple strumming.

  • However, you can take the help of youtube searching “universal strumming pattern” to learn & use one pattern for every song.  But you shouldn’t avoid this.
  • Because it helps you to create rhythm.
  • And you can make songs without melody & harmony.
  • But, a song without rhythm doesn’t make any sense.
  • All you need to combine is the rhythmic expression, your creativity & musicality.
  • While strumming you should keep in mind that you don’t have to strum with great force, rather you should do it gently.

Tips 4: Play only your favorite songs  

Learning should always be super easy & fun. The more you will find interest, the more you will step ahead in this process. When you work with your favorite things, you can never get bored. For this purpose,

  • You should make a list of your favorite songs.
  • Now, you should search the chords or tab of these songs online. As a beginner, it will be tough to work as per the instructions. As we said earlier about the stepping stone chords, it will come in handy here.
  • You can use Capo to make the process easier.

Can you learn guitar at any age?  

This is a thousand dollar question that most people often asked. Yes!  You can!  Because :

  • It is never too late to learn new things. Learning the guitar is no different.
  • It may take more time for you but that doesn’t mean you are unsuitable for this task.
  • A child is a first learner as they can adopt the changes very first. As we grow older, our brain loses the capability to pick up new things faster. This is the difference.

So, no matter what your age is, think of it just as a number & make a go for it.

Can you learn guitar in a month?  

Learning is a lifelong process whether it is learning the guitar or something else. You may come across some headlines which promise to make you learn guitar in one month.

  • First of all, no matter how talented you are, you will learn a few things in the first month. These few things include: Learn  to hold & position the guitar, use of fingers for the fretboard, one or two simple songs with some basic chords, etc (if you’re too dedicated)
  • You have a long a to go…
  • If you are too passionate, & thinking of practicing it for hours, then you will again end up irritating your fingers with a lot of agony & pain.
  • Instead, you should be a passionate, persistent & hard-working guy who can give all the efforts in adopting new things.


One thing you should avoid throughout this guitar learning process is setting unrealistic goals. It will put you in frustration. You should start with small things like it could be some basic chords, then you have to proceed to the advanced level. Thus, you will be able to achieve your desired goal. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help anyone in any circumstance to learn guitar.


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