Best Ibanez Acoustic Electric Guitars

Ibanez is one of the largest names in the guitar industry and tune world. Especially in the world of difficult rock and heavy metallic music. But, they are additionally constructing first-rate acoustic guitars and have extra than 100 models. This brand makes acoustic guitars for each rate vary and in a lot of shapes and styles, so you have many appealing choices. In this article, you’ll see my 5 pleasant, best Ibanez acoustic-electric guitars.

Reviews of the best Ibanez acoustic-electric guitars

Maybe you’ve spent hours practicing, so I’ve spent hours researching. This article includes in-detail critiques of the satisfactory, best Ibanez acoustic-electric guitars with a buying guide.


Ibanez AW54CEOPN

The Ibanez Artwood AW54CE is the best mix between acoustic and electric, first-rate for accomplishing all the right tones. Balanced by the inner X bracing, its notes have a balanced sound, making it perfect for either strumming or picking—whatever the song may additionally call for.

The Ibanez Artwood AW54CE is designed with a strong mahogany building that presents a large sound.  The guitar additionally comes with an onboard tuner to assist you to continue to be in line with your preferred tones. The Ibanez Artwood AW54CE also has a dreadnought body that provides herbal projection to its fullest and enough sustain. It even has the nut and saddle that offers off most string vibration for extended maintenance with every note. 

With an open-pore finish for a natural, rustic appearance, this guitar has the whole thing you need for an amazing performance. It comes completed with a slightly worn and dark tone with natural projection, stunning dark coloration for special design and style, and rustic aesthetics and satin finish best for those who favor something smooth.

Product Specifications:


  • The strings are easily changeable
  • All the hardware is battery-powered 
  • Contains vintage look attraction with mahogany and rosewood fretboard 
  • Comes with built-in tuning for novices



  • Less versatile than different guitars with limited controls
  • The inventory strings may also need to be changed due to quality




Ibanez AEG1812II

If you cost a rich, chorus-like tone, the AEG1812II 12-string is a great choice. If you are not acquainted with 12-string guitars, they’re performed just like a six-string, but every notice has two strings. This leads to a greater filled-out sound, comparable to going for walks on an electric guitar through a refrain pedal.

However, 12 strings aren’t all this guitar has to offer. Aesthetically, it’s fantastically made–the darkish sunburst contrasts with ivory physique binding, and the Venetian cutaway looks satisfactory whilst also permitting you to get admission to greater frets.

Tonally, it has gorgeous balance–the brightness of the spruce top is balanced out by the mahogany again and sides. It includes a Fishman Sonicore pickup for extraordinary stay sound.

Product Specifications:


  • Easy to play
  • Can be tuned whether it is plugged or unplugged
  • Spruce and mahogany development for balanced
  • Versatile tone
  • Very affordable


  • Can not be the right desire for every player
  • Construction is all laminate





Ibanez PF28ECE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Ibanez PF28ECEDVS acoustic-electric guitar hits all the right notes. Acoustically, the PF28ECEDVS supplies a massive dreadnought tone; it really is well centered with the aid of the guitar’s mahogany lower back and sides. The maple neck offers a great-looking instrument with a balanced sound. You even get an onboard tuner.

If you want a smooth-playing acoustic-electric guitar then go for the Ibanez PF28ECE.

This acoustic-electric guitar lets you easily change from acoustic to electric, and lower back again. Loaded with a Fishman Sonicore pickup and Ibanez’s SST Shape Shifter preamp, you will admire how these basic transitions make stay gigs and studio work a breeze. This Ibanez has chosen flame maple for the top wood. With its attribute large and strong overtones, maple is a very famous top wood choice for big-bodied guitars.

Product Specifications:


  • Budget friendly
  • Sounds great
  • Unique craftsmanship
  • Premium quality


  • Some of the stain is missing
  • Can’t hold sound for so long





Ibanez GA35TCEDVS Acoustic/Electric Guitar

The GA35TCE is a GA sequence classical acoustic/ electric powered guitar mannequin delivered by using Ibanez. It aspects a thin classical physique with a Venetian cutaway and a laminated spruce pinnacle with fan bracing on mahogany returned and aspects with a gloss finish. The soundhole is spherical with a classical mosaic decal rosette.

It has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard.  Now the fretboard was once changed to walnut. The GA35CE is a comparable model with a usual body depth.

Product Specifications:


  • Smooth classical guitar
  • Slim line design
  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Perfect for campfire


  • Hard to cord
  • Serious fret buzz





Ibanez Talman TCY10 Acoustic-Electric 

Ibanez’s double-cutaway Talman TCY10 is best for the electric-powered guitarist who desires to reap the full tones of an acoustic guitar except dropping the comfort and playability of an electric. This Ibanez guitar features the clarity of a bridge pickup blended with a spruce top and mahogany returned and sides.

The sound is very wealthy and full, even although the guitar is a shallow-body style. Even the low-end notes sense full and dense, normally it takes a dreadnought-style body to sound this good.

Product Specifications:



  • Perfect for beginners
  • Well-built guitar
  • Produces warm sound
  • Fun to play
  • Easy to set up


  • Inner finishing is not good
  • Intonation is not good


Buying Guide

It’s not easy to find the best one when there are 1000 options available in the market. But if you have idea what models are the best for beginners or for pro level musicians then it can be easy. Whatever, the following features should be considered before buying the best Ibanez acoustic electric guitars.

Length and width

The size and width of your guitar would possibly no longer appear all that important at first glance, however, it has extra to do with your very own top and hand dimension than you’d think. To measure this, take the dimensions of your hand span and then consider.


Hollow acoustic and electric powered guitars commonly weigh much less than full body electric guitars and hybrid guitars with semi-hollow bodies.

Type of wood

Sound varies because of the type of wood. That means tones are associated with distinct timber types. For example, Rosewood offers a lighter sound than ebony, and both will drastically change the weight of your guitar.


Ibanez offers two essential body styles from the RG and S sequence and both are very similar in nice and delivered features. The foremost difference, the RG collection comes with a 24-fret standard, whereas the S sequence has a 22-fret standard. Prestige fashions are relatively different, where the Prestige S sequence mannequin sincerely has 24 frets as of 2007. 


The Ibanez RG and S collection facet four essential neck kinds that can be challenging to distinguish from each other. The ‘wizard’ neck kind is extremely thin and very long; the ‘super wizard’ is nonetheless simply as long but a little thicker than the wizard; ‘prestige wizard’ is greater herbal and now not as thin as the preceding two, and ‘wizard II’ is very tough to tell apart from the others as it is the thickest neck.


This is a machine that creates an electromagnetic area around itself that ‘picks up’ the vibrations from the guitar while you are playing. This works because steels and nickel guitar strings interrupt this discipline and they are carried out into an amplifier as an electrical signal which in turn performs an audible sound.


Guitar strings are differentiated primarily based on the type of guitar and the style of tune performed on them. The kind of strings used basically relies upon their composition, thickness, and whether it is a wound string or an unwound string.


Also acknowledged as the ‘fingerboard’, it is a lengthy strip of fabric typically laminated to the instrument. 


The bridge is the gadget that supports the strings, so pick out a bridge with strong wood that matches the strength of the strings that you use. The bridge also transmits the vibrations of the strings to the instrument, which is why pickups are usually located underneath or beside the bridge.


Ibanez is a renowned brand in the music world. It is the first choice for every beginner. But it can be tough to select the best one. So the article about the best Ibanez acoustic-electric guitars will help you to decide.