Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

Best Custom Bass Guitar kits are probably the most popular approach of entry into the world of lutherie. They’re best for every person involved in building their own guitars from start to finish. Even if you don’t have the high priced heavy machinery available to you for the body & neck slicing and shaping, you can nonetheless get the satisfaction of developing your personal instrument.

A guitar package is additionally an awesome way to examine the craft except having any worry about messing up on the extra complicated components of the process, such as fretting the neck or building the nut.

You can also keep away from shopping for expensive, specialized luthier tools – getting to know how to use them accurately even takes a bit of time. With a kit, you can put your guitar collectively barring having to meticulously shape every piece to exact proportions. The entire system starts off evolving to seem daunting for a first-time builder.

Reviews of the best custom Bass guitar kits

Playing guitar is an absolute pleasure in itself, but when you get to play on a guitar that you constructed yourself, it adds so a whole lot extra to the experience. There are masses of exclusive DIY guitar kits out there, and some have distinct advantages over others. There are kits that will emulate the sound and feel of famous guitars, such as a telecaster, double neck kits, and even whole bodies.

In this article, I will outline and evaluate Five of the fine customized best custom bass guitar kits you can find.

Complete Repairing Maintenance Tool Kit

Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

This one has to have a guitar kit. If I am to say about the function then I have to say that the guitar repair tool kit is particularly created to help entire the most common guitar repairs and adjustments. 

This guitar repair tool kit helps to change strings, set intonation, modify the action, test string peak, and more, ambitions to maintain your instrument in right enjoying condition. This is a multi-functional spanner. With this multi-function spanner wrench, it helps to tighten or loosen most nuts or thumb wheels determined on guitars. 

This all-in-one instrument care kit will let you deal with guitar emergencies every time you need, whether or not you’re gaining knowledge of how to play the instrument or instructing a lesson.

Product Specifications:


  • Affordable
  • Premium quality
  • Complete guitar kit
  • Handy tools


  • No allen wrench
  • Cheaply made




Timiy Complete Guitar Maintenance Kit

Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

This all-in-one instrument care package will let you deal with guitar emergencies each time they strike, whether you’re mid soundcheck or instructing a lesson.

This comes with a device organizer case. This device package is easy to keep and carry. The notable fun fact is it is no longer only suitable for guitar, however, it can also be applied for different things, like ukulele and bass. It’s appropriate for acoustic, electric powered, and classical guitars and makes a perfect present for beginners and execs alike. 

However, from a snapped string to adjusting the action, there are repairs each and every guitarist wants – or wants – to do themselves. 

Product Specifications:


  • Includes organizer case
  • Perfect both for ukuleles and guitars
  • Can be used for any guitars


  • Cutters are not good in quality



DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit

Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

This tools package rejects the assembly line by means of growing a guitar as unique as your playing. You can take famous patterns of guitars, and pair them with pre-fretted necks. You add a finish, gather the components, and Install the blanketed hardware and electronic parts. The result is something you created, in contrast to any other guitar out there. You will discover the whole lot you need. You can create matched bodies and necks. 

Whatever, as an alternative to just a collection of components off the shelf, everybody and neck are matched at the manufacturing unit to include a good, snug fit. Each package comes whole with the hardware you want to begin playing. The hardware makes use of enterprise popular specs, without problems upgraded with your favored name-brand elements down the road.

Each neck points to a pre-installed dual-action truss rod and fretboard. The frets are leveled and crowned and anxious ends are filed to reduce the quantity of setup you will want to function while assembling the guitar.

Product Specifications:


  • Pre Drilled body
  • Includes hardware
  • Lightweight
  • Premium quality


  • Cracked fingerboard
  • Nut can be broken



Fretwire DIY Bass Electric Guitar kit

Best Custom Bass Guitar KitsMy favorite choice for one of the excellent guitar constructing kits is the FretWire Offset with two single-coil pickups. Like any suitable DIY set, it comes with the whole thing you want and is set-up to match flawlessly like a factory-made guitar.

The body is made of alder wood, and the neck is built of maple. It comes with two single-coil pickups, which will give you an uncooked and punchy sound. The timber is unfinished so that it may also require a little bit of sanding and some end coating, but this gives you the freedom to add any end you favor to. The physique is pre-drilled for effortless becoming and no detailed woodworking.

Also protected are a pick-guard, the indispensable wiring, a 3-way toggle switch, master volume, and tone knobs. 

Product Specifications:


  • Alder body
  • Maple neck
  • 2 single coil pickups
  • Pre drilled


  • Incomplete finishing
  • Not the least expensive



Electric Guitar Kits for Jazz Style Bass

Best Custom Bass Guitar Kits

DIY electric guitar kits for JB style bass guitar comes with unpolished stable okoume body, maple neck & composite ebony fingerboard. This package includes a white pickguard and all electronic parts. The funny phrase is you will find it very effortless to build your DIY own guitar. 

Decent jazz bass is effortless to assemble. This is an outstanding bass for the money. Holes are pre-drilled and the bridge has a gap drilled for the ground wire. Electronics are premiered with solder-free connections. This has that distinct jazz bass sound you may also seem to be for. Strings are respectable for being free. Pick defend is 3 ply with a black middle layer. The headstock is already cut to the ultimate shape. All in all, this is a first-rate bass at a desirable price. 

The only drawback you may also need to restore is a sharp ft or two. Otherwise, it is the best device kit.

Product Specifications:


  • Premium quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Unique in style
  • Good neck fit


  • Frets are not perfect
  • Lack of instructions


Buying  Guide

Before going to shop for a Bass guitar kit you should know what are the things to consider to pick the best custom Bass guitar kits. 

To help you out I have added this buying guide section. So go through it! 


When you are making an attempt to construct your personal guitar, you prefer to make certain that the first-class of the materials used is good. The body, neck, top, tuners, wiring, pickups, and all the nuts and bolts need to be sturdy and reliable. Luckily, with all of the alternatives we’ve listed, the fine is truly going to be high.

Design and Pattern

The fashion of your guitar is probably essential to you. We’ve featured a lot of guitars you can build that are Telecasters. However, there are lots of one-of-a-kind sorts you can work with. Also, because most of the guitars featured are unfinished, you can tweak the look of it to healthy your preferred fashion with paint and stain.


It’s necessary to hold in the idea that, with a guitar kit, you may have to be the one that places the whole thing together. This is obvious, I know. However, this capacity that you have to make certain to take your time with the package and be cautious to comply with all instructions. ‘Build your own’ guitar kits are nevertheless difficult and have the workable error. So the authentic cease nice of your guitar will be absolutely up to your craftsmanship.


Depending on what style of tune you are playing, you will choose to choose guitar kits based totally on the pickups provided. Single coil pickups will supply you a sound that is truly super for the country, folk, and rock. Whereas humbuckers will offer a greater sustainable tone that is excellent for cranking up the distortion.


The wooden used on your neck, body, and fretboard will make a big difference. Many of the pleasant DIY guitar kits come with basswood or mahogany for the body, maple for the neck, and rosewood for the fingerboard. These are all notably used woods for guitars and will work well from top to bottom.


You’ll in all likelihood need to use sure tools that are not included in the box to put together your guitar kit. Just make positive that you have the right equipment on hand to bolt on the neck and create the genuine fashion of the guitar you’re attempting to build.


Keeping in mind the reality that you are going to be building the guitar, you might also choose to select one with a decreased price point. It will supply you a little margin for error if it’s your first one. However, if you are assured in yourself and you’re equipped to take on the challenge, then one of the greater high priced guitar kits will be suitable.


Are constructing your own guitar kits any good?

For most people, they likely are now not really worth the cash because it does take some unique capabilities in order to construct an extremely good taking part in and sounding acoustic or electric powered guitar. However, if you are one that is good at working with a timber you may quit with a splendid guitar by basing it on a DIY guitar kit.

Can you make your personal guitar?

Building a guitar is no longer an afternoon’s project. Finding and acquiring components will take time. Drilling, routing, cutting, gluing and sanding all take time as well. Paint and wood stain take time to practice and dry, and you’ll need a couple of coats.

How much does it cost to make your own guitar?

Depending on how much work you do yourself, $200 is possibly the minimum you’ll want to spend on materials such as pickups, tone, and quantity controls, bridge, nut, tuning keys, jack, shielded cables, pick protect other hardware and neck. As with anything, the price relies upon fine and features.

Can you paint over a guitar finish?

To paint over a present finish, first, fill any chips with auto physique filler. Then gently sand the entire floor to an even, dull end with 800 grit sandpaper. This will supply the new paint with something to grab. Glossy surfaces may not preserve a top coat and will chip or scratch easily.


Any of the guitar kits I have reviewed would be a good suit for essentially any style. I hope my article will lead you to pick the best custom Bass guitar kits.