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Best Classical Guitars Under 500

Have you at any point woken up one morning and thought you need to get yourself a classical guitar? But all can’t effort guitars of $500-$1000. Can they? 

So in that case you have to plan on getting one of the best classical guitars within $500. If you are thinking about a classical guitar to pick, I will suggest starting with something reasonable first. 

Let’s be honest, not we all can  bear the cost of a 500 to a 1000 dollar classical guitar in a moment. If you are searching for the best one within your limited budget then you should go through my article.

Talking about such classical guitars. I have listed a couple of models as my top pick for best classical guitars under 500 . 

So at whatever point you are prepared, here I will suggest the reasonable classical guitars strongly recommended. 

Picking the best classical guitar under 500 that plays extraordinary and is all around fabricated is extreme. Most spending classical guitars are extraordinary for fledglings who need to figure out how to play a modest nylon string classical guitar. 

Despite the fact that classical have marginally more extensive fretboards than standard steel-stringed acoustic guitars, their nylon strings are easier to push down and don’t hurt your fingers so much. This is perfect for children and beginners who aren’t used to making huge harmonies over the fretboard. 

You should look at the most famous and best classical guitars that won’t break your 0 classical guitar spending plan.

Reviews of the best classical guitars under 500

All you will require is to spend 500 dollars on your reserve funds to buy yourself a decent novice model.

The following are the best classical guitars under 500 you’ll without a doubt appreciate playing.

Ibanez String Classical Guitar-GA3

Too running for the best choices for the most excellent cheap budget classical guitars within $500 is the Ibanez GA3 Classical Guitar. 

Yes, it’s budget-friendly but it does not drop brief on the qualities and sound of an amazing guitar. You’ll depend on GA3 to be long-lasting and satisfying to the ears. Featuring a spruce beat, agathis back and sides, and mahogany neck, the GA3 gives off an unadulterated and well-balanced tone.

It has chrome classical tuners and rosewood fretboard and bridge to total its striking highlights. Sized to classical flawlessness, this nylon-stringed guitar might be your ticket to being the most excellent guitarist you’ll be able to be.

Product Specifications:


  • Great for beginners
  • Has a nice tone
  • Thumbs-down-icon


  • Slightly heavy
  • Neck might be a little wide and thick


YAMAHA C40-2 Yamaha Classical Guitar

One of the leading cheap budget classical guitars within $500 is the Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar. 

Who would have thought that for as it were under $500, you’ll get a classical guitar with great craftsmanship, wealthy and adjusted tone, and great playability? Obviously, it’s from Yamaha, you’ll never go wrong. 

Commonly invested in classical guitars, the C40 has nylon strings, and spruce and mahogany body. In spite of the demonstration being a budget guitar, it’s built unequivocally with quality materials that are beyond any doubt to final a long time. 

With extraordinary tone and sound, the C40 is worth more than its price. Perfect for fledglings and indeed experienced guitarists, the C40 is the leading you’ll get for beneath $500

Product Specifications


  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Spruce top and mahogany body
  • Thumbs-down-icon


  • Size might be an issue for guitarists with small hands


Classical Guitar by Hola

With an eye-catching plan, tall quality materials, and extraordinary sound, this Classical Guitar by Hola! 

It is among the best choices to the finest cheap budget classical guitar under 0. In spite of it having a full measure of 39 inches, you’ll be flabbergasted to play it comfortably for hours. 

You can never go off-base with its spruce top and mahogany body, giving as it were the foremost adjusted tone a classical guitar seems ever to make. With its rosewood fingerboard and bridge, and TUSQ nut and saddle, this classical guitar gives an upgraded sound quality.

To progress the tone of the guitar, a lean layer of polish is coated on the classical guitar’s wood. And also, you’ll be getting a Hex Key which permits you to alter the string’s activity. This can be fundamental to have a more comfortable utilization.

Product Specifications


  • Lightweight
  • Great tonewood used
  • Thumbs-down-icon


  • Users prefer to replace the existing strings
  • Slight setup might be needed


Washburn Classical Series C5CE 

To total your best choices for the finest cheap budget classical guitars under $500, the Washburn Classical Arrangement C5CE sits at the number five spot. 

Giving a smooth sound that’s beyond any doubt to capture your consideration, the C5CE highlights a select spruce best and catalpa back and sides. Its mahogany neck and wide nut width make it less demanding to utilize, particularly on fingerpicking. 

Topped with Pearloid-button tuners and gold equipment, the C5CE is both wonderful and useful. Owning a built-in preamp and pickup, the C5CE is crowd-ready for both tenderfoots and experienced players.

Product Specifications


  • Excellent quality and build
  • Good feel
  • Thumbs-down-icon


  • Does not stay in tune after a long time


Yamaha CGS 103

The Yamaha CGS103 ¾, a culminating guitar for your small one. It is of the smaller estimate, it is reasonable, it features a decent sound, and it is of decent quality. An extraordinary small guitar! 

If your small boy/girl needs to play guitar, you probably will have to purchase a guitar that won’t be as well enormous for his/her arms. You would like to go for a 3/4 guitar. Typically where Yamaha comes to assist. The Yamaha CGS103 3/4 guitar is idealized for apprentices, particularly for adolescents that still have little arms and hands. 

The body of the guitar is made out of Spruce best, whereas the back and sides are made out of Nato wood. The neck is additionally made out of Nato wood, whereas the fingerboard is made out of Rosewood. It has eighteen worries. The bridge on the guitar is additionally made out of Rosewood. 

The Yamaha CGS103 3/4 is an exceptionally reasonable guitar, which makes it indeed more desirable.

Product Specifications


  • Convenient size
  • Perfect for the youngster
  • Great quality 
  • Affordable 


  • No cons found


Cordoba C3M 

With its conventional plan, fabulous materials, and strong development, this classical guitar won’t take off you feeling unsatisfied. The following best classical guitar for your budget is the Cordoba C3M Classical Guitar.

Sporting a cedar best with a mahogany body, the C3M produces a wealthy and shining tone. Its glossy silk matte wraps up and Spanish-style fan bracing, creating an adjusted tone, will moreover capture your consideration.

Completing the eye-catching characteristic is the rosewood fingerboard and point by point rosette to the nickel-plated tuners with pearl buttons. Excellent quality at a low cost. 

What more may you inquire about with the Cordoba C3M?

Product Specifications


  • Great value for money
  • Excellent design
  • Thumbs-down-icon


  • Bridge easily comes off


Buying Guide

HOW TO Select The Best CLASSICAL GUITAR Under $500?

One thing to keep in mind some time recently choosing a guitar is not that much easy. So, it’s obvious to overlook some facts while you have already decided to buy a classical guitar.

Choosing the best classical guitar, to begin with, and first includes knowing your own involvement and preferences. 

Classical guitar is a nylon-string instrument. The top three treble strings are made out of nylon, not at all like fishing-line, whereas the foot three strings are nylon wrapped by the nickel external center. Usually the most contrast between a classical guitar and a steel-string acoustic guitar.

Then, to begin with, the thing you may see when buying a classical guitar is the sort of wood utilized. Great quality rebellions come continuously with the best made of strong wood, more often than not spruce or cedar. The back and sides of the guitar can be made of great quality rosewood, mahogany, or nyatoh.

Depending on the quality of the instrument, the beat, back, and sides may be built out of solid-woods or wood-ply. Wood-ply is commonly found on beginner-level rebels because it is cheaper. 

Your personal fashion, your experience level, your budget, and your dreams ultimately determine which is the best classical guitar for you, since what works you might not work for somebody else and vice versa.

Here’s the list of basic things that one should look for in a guitar. 


After some weeks of reliable playing, you’ll be able to start to try with diverse strings to see what works best for you. The strings must sound great on your guitar but must feel right as you play it. There are numerous distinctive brands to select from. Classical guitar strings will come from completely different pressures- direct or light pressure, ordinary pressure, and difficult pressure. Each will have a distinctive sound and feel. 


If you’re an experienced guitarist at that point this would or maybe depend on your personal preferences or style. But in the event that you are a fledgling at that point playability is basic. You would like to hunt for a guitar that plays effortlessly and easily, not something that you just have to be always fiddling with to form a sound note.


The second important thing to look for in a classical guitar is good sound. Unlike electric guitars, classical guitars don’t have a wide range of sounds. Ultimately, it all comes down to woods and their construction. There are different examples of this, like cedar offers a sweet and warm sound whereas spruce is bright and vibrant, mahogany, on the other hand, is warm but woody.

You don’t need to worry too much about the specifics. As long as the guitar offers a decent projection and is articulate you’re good to go.


The final thing to look for in an electric guitar is the hardware. Fortunately, the hardware in a classical guitar is much more simple than any other type of guitars such as an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar. But still, you should look for good quality hardware in the classical guitar you’re buying.

In common, more costly guitars tend to be superior planned and have superior quality equipment but that does not mean you can’t get great quality equipment at a moo taken a toll. See at the person components such as tuners, and nuts, and saddle and what fabric they’re made of. This will allow you a few thoughts around the general quality of the guitar.


Q: What may be a great cost for a classical guitar?

A: To maintain a strategic distance from investing hours on the Web, know that by writing “classical guitar” on Google, you may see that the cheapest price is around $40 and can go up to $5000. You’ll too discover numerous models of guitars at low costs, around $130, which is quite good for a classical guitar. 

Q: Can I utilize a choice on a classical guitar

A: If you’re attempting to play commonplace classical music on a classical guitar, at that point most of the time you won’t need to utilize a choice. The sound of chords culled by the fingers and thumb at the same time incorporates a different sound from the same strings being strummed, and most classical guitar music is composed with this in mind. 

Q: Is classical guitar simpler than acoustic?

A: Acoustic guitar may be a bit greater than a classical guitar. … This is often a simple way to tell the distinction between these sorts of guitars. For tenderfoots, learning to play acoustic guitar could be a bit harder than learning to play classical guitar.

My Last Verdict

There you’ve got it, everything you would like to know approximately buying a classical guitar as well as the six best classical guitars under 500.

Which of these is the leading classical guitar? Truly, I don’t know the reply to that. It is completely up to you. What I recommend is to browse all the models I have said over and take a great look at all the highlights and find out which ones are the foremost reasons for you. 

Discover something that matches your budget, your style, and your objectives. Another thing you’ll do is set it up with the assistance of a nearby guitar proficient. It’ll take a toll a little bit but you’ll be able to be certain it’ll increment the playability and esteem of the guitar. You can begin the method by making a basic top pick list of your best guitars agreeing to your budget. 

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