Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

6 Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

When you are a beginner and just getting started with guitar, you should really consider guitars that are specifically meant for beginners. There are many guitars on the market, and they all have different specifications. When you have the right guitar, it will greatly improve the kind of experience you get.

For an experience that makes learning guitar fun, it is better to go for the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

In this buying guide, we will compare the top 6 acoustic guitars that beginners can get. It will give you an enjoyable adventure and help you get value for money. Here is our quick guide!

Antonio Giuliani Acoustic Mahogany Guitar Bundle Clearance (DN-1)

This is an excellent dreadnought guitar that is meant for beginners. The dreadnought cutaway body makes sure that it has an even and balanced tone.

It has a mahogany neck that is a size of 25.5 inches. The top consists of laminated cedar, while the back and sides have been made with ribbon Sapele, which is also laminated. The guitar has pre-installed strap buttons for convenience in installing your straps.

Many accessories come with the guitar when you purchase it, such as the nylon strap, carry bag, cleaning cloth, KV guitar picks, and steel strings.

When you purchase the guitar, you get a 45-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.


  • It ensures an even balanced tone
  • It has a high-quality build with an excellent finish
  • It comes with many accessories
  • When you buy the guitar, you get a 45-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty


  • It is mainly meant for right-handed players


Best Choice Products 41in Full Size Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set

This is an acoustic-electric cutaway guitar that is good for beginners. It is equipped with a 4-band EQ-7545R preamp.

Its body consists of a spruce top with the sides and back made of Okoume wood. The sides have steel rings for the best sound quality.

This is a full-size guitar at 41 inches in size. The bridge has been made with linden wood to support a consistent, high-quality sound.

This guitar is not only meant for beginners, but can also be used by people at all different skill levels.

When you purchase this Best Choice guitar set, you get a padded carrying bag to make transportation easy. There are also other extra accessories such as the digital clip-on tuner, four guitar picks, a trap, steel replacement strings, a cleaning cloth, and a capo that you can use to adjust the strings and get different sounds.


  • It works equally well as an acoustic and electric guitar
  • It can be used by people at different skill levels
  • It has a great body with a bridge made of linden wood for a consistent, high-quality sound
  • It comes with many extra accessories


  • Some users complained of a poor-quality bridge
  • Some users complained of the quality of sound


Smartxchoices Acoustic Guitar

This is a 38-inch sized guitar that has six strings and is ideally meant for beginners. It is only intended for right-handed users, though. The fingerboard has 19 frets that make it easy to play.

To help beginners even more, the guitar lets you download a tune app on your mobile device to assist you in tuning your guitar, especially if you have no idea how to go about it. The app can also give you directions on how to use the pitch pipe.

The guitar is very stylish with a shiny finish and some floral decorations around the soundhole. The guitar features an all-wood construction to give you the best sound. It has a slim neck to provide you with greater comfort and flexibility when playing the guitar. It is an excellent choice for women or people with smaller hands. The surface has a smooth finish to give you more resonance for maximum sound quality.

It is perfect for beginners, as it has tuning pegs that are easy to twist, which will be of great help when it comes to daily tuning.

When you buy the guitar, you get a bag, a pick, an adjustable strap, pitch, and extra steel rings.


  • It is easy to use, and there is an app to help you tune your guitar
  • It is a great size for people with small hands
  • It has an all-wood construction for the best sound
  • It has a smooth surface for maximum resonance
  • It has tuning pegs for easy tuning
  • It comes with many extra accessories


  • The frets have not been made such that they are level
  • Some users complained of poor craft when it comes to the assembly at the joints
  • Some users complained of inferior, low-quality straps


Fender Squier Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This is a classical dreadnought guitar that is best for beginners. It is a full-size guitar with steel strings to give you the best possible sound at just a fraction of the cost.

The body consists of an all-laminate construction with the top made of Lindenwood and the rest made of mahogany. It has a scalloped x bracing. The neck is slim to make it easy to play.

It comes with a clip-on tuner for more convenience for tuning your guitar. It also comes with extra strings, picks, bags, and an instructional DVD.


  • It has a proper solid construction for the best sound
  • It has a neck slim for convenience when playing
  • It comes with many extra accessories


  • It only has one strap button
  • Some users complained of poor durability of the strings
  • Some users complained of faulty guitar pegs


Fender FA-115 Acoustic Guitar

Fender is well known for its class when it comes to guitars. As for this particular model, it comes in a full-sized dreadnought body to give you a clear and vibrant tone that can apply to all styles of music.

The rosewood fingerboard has 20 frets. The bridge is made of rosewood and a synthetic bone saddle. The top is made of laminated spruce and a glossy finish.

The guitar comes as a bundle with enough accessories such that you can take it out of the box and start playing. The extra accessories it comes with include: a gig bag, a strap, picks, extra strings, clip-on digital tuner, and an instructional DVD.


  • It comes as a full bundle
  • It has a sturdy body build
  • High quality rosewood has been used in making the bridge and fingerboard
  • It will give you a bright and vibrant tone


  • If you are not a beginner, you might have to change the strings
  • Some users complained that the bridge is of poor quality and did not last long


Best Choice Products 38in Beginner Acoustic Guitar

This is a full-size acoustic guitar with a size of 38 inches. It is meant for right-handed users. It has been made with an all-wood design to give you an exceptional sound. This guitar features 19 frets and steel strings. The fretboard and body have been made such that they create the best sound for both beginners and advanced users.

It comes as a complete starter kit that is perfect for beginners. It comes with an extra set of 6 strings, digital tuner, pitch pipe, pick, shoulder strap, and a nylon carry bag. That makes it a great giftable guitar.


  • It has an all-wooden build made of rosewood
  • It comes as a complete starter kit with many accessories
  • It gives an excellent sound for both beginners and advanced users
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Some users complained that the guitar broke after a short time
  • Some users had issues with tuning


Buyer’s Guide

All of the above guitars are the best picks for beginners and will serve you well. If you are confused on picking one, we do not blame you. In this part of the buying guide, we hope to make it easier for you to choose by focusing on some specifics.

Acoustic-Electric guitar

Even though you may just be a beginner, you can still use the electric version of guitars for the best experience. In this case, we recommend the Best Choice Guitar as the ideal choice, as it is an acoustic-electric guitar.

Guitar With a Built-in EQ Preamp

As a beginner, you are less likely to need a preamp since you are getting started, but it can still improve your experience. From the guitars that we have reviewed, the Best Choice Guitar has a built-in 4-band EQ that will amplify your sound well.

Biggest Guitar

If you have big hands or you are a big person, then the Best Choice 41-inch Guitar is the best choice, as it is 41 inches.

Most Budget-friendly

When it comes to the price, the Best Choice Products 38in Beginner Acoustic Guitar is the cheapest, as it only retails at $44.

Our Overall Recommendation

Although all of the above are solid recommendations, our overall recommendation is the Best Choice Products 41in Full Size Acoustic Electric Cutaway Guitar Set.

It is an acoustic-electric guitar with a complete starter kit for beginners. It is also a full-size guitar, has a built-in preamp, and will give you an excellent experience for years to come. If you are budget constrained, then we recommend the Best Choice Products 38in Beginner Acoustic Guitar, as it will serve you well and comes at a low cost.

To avoid any confusion and help clear your mind, we will focus on answering a few FAQs. Some of the common FAQs include:

Which is better between an electric and non-electric acoustic guitar?

Both electric and non-electric guitars are meant to give you the best experience possible. Electric guitars are made such that their strings are thinner. That means that you will need less force to produce a loud sound. They also quickly give you a better sound when they are connected as compared to non-electric guitars. As for the body build, electric guitars tend to have a slim neck, which makes them less bulky and easy to carry. Their small size makes them easier to grip comparatively, so they’re often a better choice for beginners as compared to non-electric acoustic guitars.

Is a built-in amp important?

When you are a newbie, you may not need a built-in amp. With time, you may need one. Most of the time, acoustic guitars do not have an integrated amp unless you buy one separately and attach it. Most electric guitar types do have a built-in amp. Ultimately, if you can, it is better to go for an acoustic guitar with a built-in amp, as it will give you more value in the long run.

What kinds of strings are better?

Most of the time, acoustic guitars are made with either steel or nylon strings. Steel strings are better, as they can give you a loud sound, and are less prone to tearing. Advanced guitarists prefer nylon strings as they are easier to tune and can give you a particular sound.

Can the type of guitar influence my learning experience?

When it comes to learning anything – including guitar – the attitude you have is more important than the equipment you have. With that said, even though having the right mindset is important, you still need the right instrument. It should be the right size for you, comfortable to play, and well-tuned. If you are into acoustics, it is better that you specifically go for an acoustic guitar, as it makes a big difference.


When you are shopping for the right acoustic guitar for a beginner, it is essential that you also check out the experiences of others with the guitar through reading the reviews. We hope this guide has helped you decide on the best acoustic guitar for you!

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