Acoustic guitar strings for beginners

Many people start playing the guitar out of curiosity. So, they are unsure whether they could stick to it or not. Besides, some people start learning it – for getting pleasure. These two groups of people tend to bring inexpensive materials to start, as not everyone can spend bucks on buying happiness or meeting the thirst of curiosity. Fact is the cheapest thing won’t give you the great sound quality & playability experience for sure. Still, you can enjoy the good sound quality by purchasing the right set of guitar strings. That’s why our today’s topic will cover everything that you need to know for bringing the perfect acoustic guitar strings.

What things to consider before choosing the ideal acoustic guitar strings?

Guitar strings are a vital part of your guitar learning journey as it can make you a potential player. Besides, choosing the suitable guitar strings are as essential as choosing the right piece of guitar. You can’t pick any one of them randomly. If you do this, you will get low-quality products. To avoid that, we pick up some points & presented them in front of you to notify you which things you should keep in mind while buying anyone.

1)Types of acoustic guitar strings 

  • 80/20 Bronze strings are the brightest one often used in jumbo & dreadnought guitar. It adds more bits & therefore makes the darker sounding of the acoustic guitar lively.
  • Phosphor Bronze Strings are a suitable pick for those who are wishing to bring fuller and warmer tone producer strings. On top of that, it is more durable than the 80/20 strings.
  • Coated strings are widely used by many manufacturers for their amazing longevity. The tone it produces is slightly deader than the phosphor strings. The downside is they are low in sustaining compared to the uncoated ones.
  • The Core Shape comprises two strings including the hex & round core. Among them, the hex-core offers better tuning stability. It is undoubtedly the best one for acoustic guitar.

2)Sound quality

  • Do you know the strings too contribute to producing sounds in your guitar? That’s why it becomes essential for you to select strings that are crafted with quality materials.
  • You should check whether the tension of strings are stable or not.
  • The best way to check all this is to TRY. Yes! You should strum & then decide whether you want to give it a go or not.
  • As a novice, it may be difficult for you to decide even after trying. In such a case, you should consult with your guitar teacher or an experienced guitarist.

3) What gauge guitar strings should a beginner use? 

Light gauge, string gauge, super light gauge, extra light gauge are the options that pop up when it comes to choosing gauge guitar strings. So, we will discuss them in brief in the following :

  • If you are searching for the simplest string then the extra light gauge strings come as a perfect suit for you. These strings support the bridge & neck by preventing further stressing. Often, they produce the thinnest & softest type of sound. It is known as the 10’s.
  • Super light gauge strings are perfect for those who are wanting lighter strings to resonate well.
  • If you love to engage in a wide range of picking, then light gauge strings will come in handy. It could be a good option for steel-string fingerstyle as well as acoustic guitars.
  • Do you like to use bottleneck slides? Then, you may be wanting to prevent fret buzz while rattling against a fret wire. For doing this, you should choose the medium gauge strings.
  • Do you want to go heavy?  Then, these heavier gauge strings could result in maximum output. However, due to using a heavier gauge, your guitar may get affected & you may feel the extra strain.

Among the aforesaid options, the light and super light gauges are the most popular ones. Moreover, the medium gauge strings are also a standard option for projection lovers. But, if flexibility is your priority, then go for the extra light gauges.

4) Materials

It plays a great role in producing good sound quality. Most of the acoustic guitar strings are made of copper & phosphor copper. If we talk about the percentage, then copper remains 80% & the rest is filled with zinc (20%).

  • Strings made with phosphorus copper are more durable than copper made.
  • The next thing to concern about is the coating. You need to choose the one that can secure the strings from moisture, dust & dirt. Elixir and D’Addario’s EXP are two top brands that can do so.
  • It may not be a budget-friendly option. But, it’s better to invest once then frequently.

Although these strings are usually more expensive, they have 5 times longer usage times so that you can save money and save time because you do not have to change often.

Are nylon strings better for beginners?  

Playing the guitar is painful in the very beginning as it hurts your finger’s tip hard.

  • Like, If you buy steel strings, you have to apply great force while playing.
  • So, to save your fingers, you can bring nylon strings as they are much softer. Thus, you get rid of developing sore fingers.

How often should you replace the guitar strings?

  • Being a frequent player, I have to change the strings once a month.
  • However, things turn out different when you’re a gigging musician.
  • It is necessary to change the strings at least once a week then.
  • But, if you’re a novice, then you should replace the strings at least once a month.

How can I increase the durability of guitar strings?

Follow the tips given underneath to increase the lifespan of strings :

  • Don’t leave the guitar out of its case every time after playing.
  • Avoid playing it in a smoky environment.
  • Strum as gently as possible.
  • Try to change the tuning as frequently as you can.


Playing the guitar is more about experiment than art. Just as we cannot say which food will give you a taste, we cannot say which one will be considered the best string for your guitar. So, instead of locking yourself within one brand, you should explore. Hopefully, our article regarding the acoustic guitar strings section will add value to this.