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Acoustic guitar songs for beginners

Why have you commenced to learn the guitar? Most of us will raise our hands saying, we want to play our favorite song on the guitar. That’s why in today’s article I enlist some all-time favorite & easiest songs that any beginner can play on his/her acoustic guitar.

What songs should you learn on the acoustic guitar? 

If you are brand-new to learning guitar, you should start with some basic chords.  To memorize the chords, it is very essential to implement them. From beginner to advanced guitarist, there is no single person who doesn’t want to play a whole song on guitar. So, you can fulfill both of your wishes by playing these 12 songs on your acoustic guitar. As a bonus, you can play some of them on your electric guitar too! So, let’s dive in.

  1. “I Wanna Be There” 

Isn’t it great to start with a romantic one? This song is obtained from the Blessed Union of Souls album,  & falls under the rock genre. For playing it :

  • You will need three easy chords: G, C & D major, which are super simple to learn.
  • Once you know how to play these chords, you will spontaneously get to know how to strum this fretboard as well.
  • When you know how to switch between chords, you should proceed for progression i.g: G | C | D | G.

2)“What’s Up”

It is the debut song of the famous Four Non-Blondes bands. For playing this pop-rock song, you need to enrich your chord vocabulary with a few more chords.

  • Can you play the E, Am, G, D, and B chords? If yes, then you can play this beautiful song comfortably.
  • The best thing is that almost everyone knows this song. So, you can play it in all get-togethers.

3)“Love Me Do” 

The next song you can learn to play is ” Love me do ” by The Beatles. It is one of the famous songs of the “Please Please Me ” album.

  • However, you pick up this song on your acoustic guitar with just two chords until the bridge parts appear. They are G & C major chords
  • You need to add the D major for playing only the “some to love ” line. That’s it.

4)“Brown Eyed Girl” 

Who doesn’t fall in love with the song “Brown Eyed Girl” sung by singer Van Morrison? I’m,  We all do that’s why we love to hear it mostly in – weddings & parties.

  • Like the song  ” I Wanna Be There”, you need similar chords: G, C & D major for playing it.
  • When the “My brown-eyed girl” line came, add the E minor chord.
  • If w we talk about the pattern, it would be like:  G | C | G | D, & later, C | D | G | Em.

Did you notice one thing?  Knowing to play G, C, D major will let you play various songs without any hassles. However, you should work on your strumming pattern. Because, in the end, it will decide whether you will be able to become a true guitarist or not. After that, the most important thing is the rhythm. So, you also need to focus on it. 

5)“Three Little Birds”

When I was 12, I often heard this song. That time my favorite line used to be “cause every little thing, gonna be alright”.  Now I realize how deep the meaning is!  Bob Marley was such a singer that we need today.

  • Like the first word ” three “, you need to learn the three chords: A, D,& E major to play in your acoustic guitar.
  • This song is simple & fun to play. While strumming, make sure you keep the D chord unfretted as it is an open chord.

6)“Achy Breaky Heart”

This one is the easiest song you can play on your acoustic guitar. It falls under the country rock or southern rock genre.

  • For playing it, you need to know only the C & G chord.
  • Any beginner would love to play it as every verse of it comes in the same pattern.

7) “Sweet Home Alabama” & “Werewolves of London”

Who doesn’t want to kill two birds with one arrow?

  • Sweet Home Alabama by the famous singer Lynyrd Skynyrd & Werewolves of London by Warren Zevin is the two songs you can play with the same chords.
  • Moreover, C, D, and G chords are all you need to play these songs.

8) “Bad Moon Rising

At the end of our list, we have this fun & bluesy type song for you. It falls under the roots-rock or swamp rock genre.

  • You need to know the D, A, G chords progression that appears like  D | A | G | D pattern.

9)”Walk of Life”

One of the famous songs of Brother in Arms album is the “Walk of life ” by the singer Dire Straits.

  • You need to use the E, A, B7 chords for playing this song.

10)” Feelin’ Alright “

Within the crowd of huge songs, we give a few the title of anthems. This Feeling Alright by  Traffic is one such song that we couldn’t

remove from our lips  & minds since we heard it.

  • You require only  A & D chords to learn the music.

11) “I Walk the Line” 

There is a beautiful story behind this song. Johnny Cash wrote & sung this as a promise to his wife. Listening to the lyrics, you can understand how loyal the husband Johnny is. Do you want to try this song out?

  • You can do it easily as it also requires knowing the A, D, E chords.

12)”How Bizzare “

Do you want to use your acoustic guitar for featuring hip-hop loops? Then, the rapping & upbeat type song Bizzare is a perfect suit for you.

  • Like the ” I Walk the line ” song, you can play this one too with the  A, D, E chords.


The list of songs I have introduced in this article is all easy to play. However, you may find the “What’s up ” song a bit difficult as there is minimal work of minor chords. These songs will bring confidence,  & give you a feeling of achievement. The next work for you is learning how to switch between chords without stopping. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up the guitar & learn to play from our aforementioned lists.

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