How Much Are Guitar Lessons?

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn guitar out of your passion or fashion, it’s important to know how much it can cost. The guitar, picks,& other parts come within a decent budget. But, the real deal goes with taking the guitar lesson. In today’s article, you will come to know how much you may have to spend taking guitar lessons. However, you should choose to take in-person lessons instead of joining a group, if you are a novice. Why? You will get the reason in the end. So, stay tuned.

Top three factors that determine the cost 

How much it costs to take guitar lessons may depend on several factors. Among them, we take into account only the three core facets. They include :

In which state you are : 

  1. Beginner
  • At the basic level, you need to learn basic chords, concepts, exercises that take only half an hour of lessons to understand.
  • Besides, in the beginning, it is more important for you to focus on practice than on the lessons.
  • So, it is almost pointless to hire an expert teacher, if you have just started.
  • Taking classes from a guy who can solidify your foundation is more than enough. In my experience, I have seen all the teachers are very enthusiastic & committed to their students.
  • If we talk about the investment, then it would go approximately $20-$40. For half an hour lessons, the range will cut down to $15 only.
  1. Mid-level
  • As you are in intermediate level, then I guess you have pretty much skill in music theory, barre chords, composition, solo songs, finger-tapping & much more.
  • Now you have to focus on deep learning.
  • An experienced teacher can make this journey easier as he will be able to narrate the difficult lessons easily.
  • So, you may have to spend $30-$60 for hiring a good mentor.
  1. Advanced
  • We categorize a learner on an advanced level when he specializes in different genre songs, music theory & complex strategies.
  • Afterward, you need to learn under a mentor who polishes your skill to bring out the best version of you.
  • During the research, I came across a Reddit thread where the users give a probable pricing range within $50-$80.
  • But, is it worth investing $80 for one-hour guitar lessons?
  • Most of the users commented that it’s not a reasonable option at all.
  • Then, when will it be worth paying?  Well, you can judge that based on the song genre. How?  Scroll down below to find that out.

The genre of song 

  • If you are taking lessons on the folk, rock, country genre, then it would be ok to set them pretty high.
  • Also, there are some genres like jazz, Classic type intricate genres that require more skill & knowledge on the teacher’s resume.
  • In that case, the price would be gone high.
  • Fact is we often get to see that teachers who are giving lessons on jazz, classic – are giving lessons on rock, country type genres too.

Which type of classes are you taking?

There is another factor that can change the price dramatically. That is in which type of class you are willing to join.

1)Take guitar lesson personally 

  • Taking guitar lessons in-person would be an expensive option so far. Because here either the teacher brings you to a particular place to teach you personally or he has to make a move towards your home.
  • The advantage you will get from here is your teacher only focuses on you instead of a bunch of students. He will ask about your problem & solve them accordingly.
  • You get to see the playing style, singing of your teacher in person & adopt them easily.
  • This would not be possible if you see that through a monitor, & listen to his/her playing through a microphone/soundbox.
  • For in-person lessons, you can either hire a teacher or depending on a simple Craigslist will be more than enough for you.

2) Take guitar lessons online 

Online classes could be conducted & taken in two ways. Like, you can take lessons from youtube/Google or it could be two-way communication via skype/zoom.

  • In youtube classes, there will be a lack of personalization.
  • But, the pros are you can take lessons from the remotest corner.
  • As the internet is very accessible to people, it will be a very convenient & cheap option for you.
  • Just imagine you are getting a mentor available for 24 hours.
  • You can play/pause & repeat the records. If you face any issue you can take support via email/message.
  • In this pandemic,  skype/zoom plays a vital role in conducting online classes. Similarly, it comes in handy for taking guitar lessons.

What are the drawbacks of taking group guitar lessons?  

Although we see guitar bands playing in sync, learning guitar is a very own thing.

  • It would be very fruitful if you hire a mentor who will encourage you, teach you techniques & polish your skills.
  • In group lessons,  there remain all sectors people include: newbie, intermediate & advanced.
  • When the teacher will teach how to hold the guitar, the intermediate/advanced guitarists will get bored naturally.
  • They have to waste a great time doing nothing.
  • Sometimes the teacher may assign an intermediate level guitarist to teach the novice.
  • Of course, he can’t teach you exactly the way your mentor can.
  • For a start-off, I will highly recommend you take classes in person.


We can’t say which guitar lesson type will be perfect for you. It’s you who can decide that. Because, if we keep everything aside, it is YOU who will be your ultimate teacher throughout your guitar learning journey. So, instead of admitting yourself to one type of class, you should try out 2-4 lessons. Youtube/Google offers you tons of free guitar lessons & courses, that’s why it would be great if you watch them & teach yourself. That will save you huge money & also fulfill your dream. But, whatever your decision is you should make sure that it won’t cut your pocket but meet the curiosity.

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