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6 Best Hard Acoustic Guitar Cases

I think I am penning something for every musician’s good when I say that the guitar players like to purchase a brand new guitar. Nothing compares to the feeling of obtaining a brand new, shiny instrument, right? But repeatedly I let elation take over and that I forget that guitars are fragile instruments. And for a giant part of the guitarists, I really don’t understand the primary factor concerning guitar cases.

So If you spent several a whole bunch, or perhaps thousands of bucks to afford your stunning new instrument, why not pay a couple of more, therefore, you’ll be able to get the best protection for it? Because what danger is there extremely out there for a guitarist, apart from damaging your most precious?

And so whether or not you’re an informal musician that primarily plays at home or a skilled touring musician, you’ll realize in today’s post all the information you wish to decide on the best soft acoustic guitar case for you.

While the best soft acoustic guitar cases aren’t cheap, investing within them can prevent a lot in the long-term, particularly when considering the value of repair or replacement. More importantly, you cannot put a value on peace of mind, therefore please heed our recommendation – don’t skimp on your acoustic guitar’s protection and storage.

Getting the best soft acoustic guitar case might not be as simple since it is very important, with such a lot of choices within the market. I’m trying to give you the best of them.

The best soft acoustic guitar case, or gig bag, maybe the only issue between you and a fashionable repair bill. I’m not saying that lightly. So, it’s necessary when searching for some protection for your lovely instrument that you understand what to seem for. The fact is, there are a variety of reasons why you may like one of the best soft acoustic guitar cases or gig bags on this list.

You may be a soul fond of traveling from club to club playing your tunes, and want one thing to help you get your guitar, cables, and different accessories there in one piece. Otherwise, you might have a guitar collection therefore giant, you just do not have space to keep everything out on the show. If that’s you, well done.

Whatever your reason, here’s a glance at a number of the best hard acoustic guitar cases and gig bags around.

Interesting? So, let’s five into my article.

My list of the six best hard acoustic guitar bags

 Different players can have totally different desires when it involves cases. For that reason, it’s onerous to suggest one specific model from my list.

Here I feature the best soft acoustic guitar cases, together with market favorite light-weight hybrid cases.

Any of the choices listed below you can with happiness serve a purpose for you. Your job is deciding precisely what that purpose is going to be, and what type of risks you’re wanting to mitigate.

So, let’s start with the first one!

Gator Economy Guitar Case – Auditorium

The Gator Economy Case could be a budget-friendly case that is doing well within the market, because of its smart balance of quality and price. It’s a simple wood case, crafted from a plyboard, with a black Tolex covering. obviously, the interior comes with plush padding, to stop harm on your guitar, and it houses a compact accessory compartment around the neck space.

Finally, it comes with protection latches with keys, to stay unwanted individuals from opening the case.

Note that this specific model is supposed for “Auditorium” or concert profile guitars, these are smaller than the standard dreadnaught.


  • Affordable
  • Premium quality
  • Big storage space
  • Adjustable padding


  • Uncomfortable shoulder straps


Epiphone READ Guitar Case

With their long list of dreadnaught acoustics, it’s only natural for Epiphone to mass-produce compatible cases. However, what is extremely shocking is how the Epiphone READ continues to win the hearts of guitarists, even in the face of cheaper alternatives. While there is nothing out of the standard in terms of practicality, the EDREAD’s ace is its compatibility with Epiphone dreadnought acoustics.



  • Impressive quality
  • Travel worthy
  • More secured


  • No cons.


ChromaCast Acoustic Hardshell Guitar Case

Solid worth case if you aren’t notably Rough together with your Guitars. This case is more durable than it appears. made up of wood with a 3/4″ thick plush interior and fortified edges, it’s a solid case with nice worth. It’s four latches, as well as one that locks and additionally has enough interior area to store all of your guitar’s accessories. For people who appreciate a bit further, this case additionally comes with a four-pick sampler.

That being said, the locks on the case are a bit flimsy, which isn’t a difficulty if you don’t ought to lock it. The wood exterior will have a little bit of offer, however, if you’re not particularly rough together with your guitar, then this case is over enough, and its value is difficult to beat.




  • Lightweight plastic
  • Not large enough


Gator Cases Hard-shell Wood Case

Withstands any reasonably Non-Air Transportation and Holds several sorts of Guitars.

This case is constructed to resist nearly any type of movement. It features a rounded wood baselined in a sturdy PVC. On the bottom, the back, and also the aspect opposite the handle, there are metal studs to keep the case and prevent and stop and forestall accidental scratches. The stop is plush-lined and features a storage compartment.

This case works for either a six- or 12-string guitar and fits most brands well. it’s a really solidly designed case. The edges have little to offer, and also the buckles are high-quality and created to last. If you are having problems, though, Gator Cases’ client service is additionally unbelievably useful.


  • Easy to lock
  • Slightly larger
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight


  • Cheap wood
  • Poor fit


Gator Deluxe ABS Molded Acoustic Guitar Case Dreadnought

Instead of using wood, the outer shell of this case is crafted from shaped ABS, a plastic material famous for its sturdiness. This offers the alligator Deluxe ABS shaped case improved strength against impact and also the components. Whereas the skin is rough, the within homes EPS foam with plush lining. alternative options embrace an adjunct compartment, and chrome plated lockable latches.


  • Includes a comfortable gig backpack
  • Protects guitar from being harm
  • Huge space
  • Good weighing capacity


  • Not so soft
  • Zipper is not that much strong


Taylor Deluxe Acoustic Guitar Case- Grand Auditorium

Taylor guitars keep on building their notoriety on the nature of their acoustic guitars, and this equivalent brand of value is applied to their Deluxe case arrangement. Usefulness savvy, it is the same amount of a wooden guitar case as some others, however, it stands apart with its tender loving care and fabricates quality. This specific model is intended to house Taylor’s Grand Auditorium shape, which is basically an adjusted form of the battleship, with a more tight center session.

This case includes a red velvet inside and gold equipment that adds to its exceptional intrigue. Note that accurate determinations of the upper and center sessions are not promptly accessible.


  • Overall visual appeal
  • Well build quality
  • Fits like a glove with guitars
  • Fits for everyone who own Washburn, Ibanez and even Martin branded guitars


  • The case’s tight fit caused some concerns
  • The price range may be a bit of a stretch for some


Buying Guide

Guitars are pieces of art, however, at constant time, they’re tools of a very rigorous trade. Guitars are jammed with, lugged around from venue to venue, passed between friends, and generally even knocked around a small amount. Yes, these instruments are meant to vie, however, they’re by no means unbeatable, which makes the protection of a guitar case a worthy investment for any musician.

Acoustic guitars are notably fragile because of their thin wood construction and hollow bodies, that area unit liable to a buildup. an acoustic guitar case, whether or not it’s hard or soft, offers an additional layer of protection for your prized guitar. they will save your instrument from a fall, a born piece of kit, or a spilled drink. They conjointly give clever storage choices and improved carrying technology. In short, a stringed instrument case ought to be one of the primary purchases any new guitar player makes.

Whether you’re a professional or a seasoned player, I’ve got the data you would like during this shopping for a guide to picking the best soft acoustic guitar cases for you.

Guitar cases give physical barriers to break, however that doesn’t mean your guitar is bulletproof. Forceful changes in temperature associated with wetness will still make for a disturbance on an open-bodied acoustic instrument within a case, thus storing your stringed instrument in an environmentally controlled space.

KEY Issues


Believe it or not, guitar cases don’t seem to be “one size fits all.” Acoustic six-string guitars are available in a spread of dimensions, with some being full size, some 3/4 scale with a singular style all their own.

Before creating the other issues, compare the size of any potential purchase along with your own stringed instrument. The last item you wish is to create excitement for a replacement piece of kit solely to appreciate it’s not compatible along with your gear once it arrives.

Hard Cases vs. Soft Cases

Once you’ve got your measurements sorted, it’s time to choose whether or not you wish a tough stringed instrument case or a soft one. Every offers its own benefits and downsides.

Let’s begin with soft cases. As you’ll imagine, soft cases and gig baggage typically value but their hardshell alternatives, with the versatile artifact and nylon taking the place of rigid wood or wrought plastic. They’re conjointly physically lighter thanks to this, taking some strain off the guitarist’s back and shoulders throughout transport. The downside to a soft case is that it provides less protection from physical damage than a tough case would. Soft cases are typically cushiony within, though. Additionally, soft cases nothing closed backpack-style as against exploitation metal clasps and locks to remain secure.

Hard cases give a solid barrier between your instrument and also the outside world. Heavier, dearer, and a lot sturdy, this is often the sort of case you’d need to safeguard an extremely valuable stringed instrument. Thanks to their solid shells, these cases typically feature rigid interior compartments instead of exterior zipper pockets. If you’re planning to be flying along with your instrument and checking your stringed instrument at the aerodrome, a tough case or flight case with interior cushioning is associated with absolute should.

An intermediate form of guitar case is named a board case. whereas these area units are technically solid, the fabric is quite skinny and shortly aloof from cardboard. Thus, it offers very little a lot of physical protection than a soft case. board cases usually feature low-quality clasps that are unit liable to failure, too.

Pockets and compartments

It’s helpful to possess pockets and/or compartments to carry things you’d like, like a tuner, spare strings, and piece. Soft cases typically have external pockets. arduous cases have less space for storing however typically feature some interior compartments.

Closure kind

Gig baggage typically has zipper closures, whereas arduous cases feature metal latches to secure them. The middle latch on a tough case might have a mix or key lock to assist keep your stringed instrument safe.


Soft guitar cases typically value between and Arduous guitar cases are unit dearer — expect to pay to 0, the’ most value $100 or less.



Q: What is the best kind of guitar case for long-run storage?

 A: I’d positively opt for a tough case over a gig bag for long-run storage. As they are typically made up of wood or wrought plastic, arduous cases let in way less wetness than previous soft cases, drop-off the prospect of your guitar changing into damp or moldy. Arduous cases conjointly supply way more impact protection, simply just in case, one thing ought to fail throughout storage.

 Am I able to keep my acoustic in the associate guitar case I actually have lying around?

 A: Acoustic guitars are typically slightly longer and considerably deeper than electrical guitars, thus there isn’t any method you’ll suit your acoustic guitar into an electric guitar case.


There you have it! Regardless of whether you’re unpleasant or delicate, whether you’re running through the downpour to your next gig, or flying abroad for a show, you should now have the option to determine what will make a decent acoustic guitar case for you. What’s more, ideally, our suggestions have set you off on the correct foot.

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