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6 Best Hollow Body Electric Guitars Under 500

Hollow body electric guitars, as their name states, are thoroughly empty within, giving the electric guitar an acoustic guitar sound when unplugged. Jazz players welcome this kind of body for its rich and warm tone with rich low closures. Be that as it may, one may encounter visit criticism issues on a fully hollow body particularly when turning the increase up.

Contingent upon what music you play, this criticism can transform into a pleasant innovative impact when joined with some support. Jazz, Funk, Blues, Rock… the hollow bodies are all around refreshing by any network for their flexibility and their normally warm and thunderous tone.

In light of the recently referenced input issue, the guitar producers have grown new models of hollow-body guitars, they called semi-hollow given the litter, less open body. Rather than having a totally hollow body, the semi-hollow would have a middle square going through the focal point of the body, restraining the input while keeping a rich and round sound that of an acoustic guitar. Prominent craftsmen who utilize empty bodies incorporate Paul McCartney, Dan Auerbach, John Lennon, Lester Paul, George Benson, Paul Gilbert, B.B. Lord, Wes Montgomery, and some more!

In this post, I will experience an assortment of incredibly the best hollow body guitars you can get for under 500$. For that, I’ve assembled point by point data around 6 of the best hollow body guitars under 500$ for you (full hollow and semi-hollow). In this following article, I will analyze the guitars individually and control you through the significant strides just as what to consider and what not to consider while choosing the best hollow body guitars under $500.

On the off chance that you are searching for the best new hollow body electric guitar for your money you presumably have a bigger number of choices than you understand. There are some extraordinary semi-hollow guitars out there.

This article investigates the best hollow body electric guitars under $500. On the off chance that you’ve perused any of my different articles, you realize I will probably assist you with finding the correct rigging without dropping an excessive amount of money.

These instruments are made by a portion of the top guitars organizations, and they will take care of business.

Best Hollow Body Electric Guitar Under $500

Regardless of whether you’re on a severe financial plan for your first hatchet or you’re searching for an undertaking guitar, here are our picks of the best hollow electric guitars under $500.

We picked these guitars dependent on two primary standards: their ‘uniqueness’ and the estimation of their list of capabilities, development, and specs. As you’d expect, Asia-caused models from enormous brands overwhelm this rundown. Furthermore, that is basically because they’re ready to deliver great quality at gigantic economies of scale.

These semi hollow-body guitars are ideal for a percussive and musical based style, so’s basically most blues and jazz players. If you’re into metal, and 80’s style destroying, great then likely these are not the guitars for you, however, this isn’t to imply that it’s difficult to shred on a semi-empty body. For hell’s sake, it may sound truly cool who knows.

With that concise presentation off the beaten path, how about I investigate the 6 best semi-hollow body electric guitars for under $500.

Gretsch G2420 Streamliner – Village Amber

Gretsch is a creator of the absolute best empty body guitars available. The G2420 is a mid-go completely hollow body that sneaks up all of a sudden in the high and mid reaches.

It’s an extraordinary guitar for clean melodic styles and sounds great with ensemble changed jazz harmonies, however, it can deal with a touch of twisted overdrive too. “U” shaped necks aren’t my top pick, yet I’m not taking a gander at an empty body for speed metal capacities. For all its planned purposes, the G2420 Streamliner is an extraordinary hollow body guitar.

This is my preferred hollow body guitar on the rundown. You get a decent strong tone, pleasant support, and strong gadgets for under $500.


  • Supportable woods for ease of creation
  • Brilliant, punchy tone
  • Slender, “U” neck profile


  • Maple empty body can need bass reaction




Dean Boca 12 Strings Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar

In case you’re up for a 12-string, this Dean Boca Semi-Hollow Guitar conveys large on a moderate financial plan.

Playability on this Boca is marvelous. The fretboard is wide and smooth. Regardless of whether you’ve never played a 12-string, you’ll locate this one simple. Furthermore, it comes very much set up for a great many people, straight out of the case.

The sound is fresh and exact. In case you’re going for that sound, you might need to change the pick-ups and additional strings, however for every single other reason, this Dean Semi-Hollow Guitar has a magnificently mind-boggling sound. All around, this is a semi-empty conveyance considerably more than its sticker price shows.

The body is lightweight, and keeping in mind that not sounding metallically unplugged, it isn’t noisy, either. This could be acceptable if you need to rehearse without upsetting others. The offset of the light body is that the neck and head are somewhat heavier than is perfect. Something else, the workmanship is right on target with a pleasant completion and quality look.

This is unquestionably one of those extraordinary spendings finds that you will love. In case you’re even remotely pondering getting a 12-string guitar, investigate.


  • An extraordinary prologue to 12-string
  • Incredible quality
  • Incredible sound
  • Well justified


  • The strong head/neck weight might be a major issue for a few.



Ibanez Hollow- Electric Guitar Cherry (AF75T)

The Artcore arrangement was conceived in 2002 with the point of shaking classifications like blue, nation, rock, and jazz. From that old fashioned jazz box tune to overwhelming metal yield this arrangement has got everything to give your music a spirit.

AF75T semi-acoustic electric guitar includes a select evaluation maple top, back and sides to yield that run of the mill Artcore arrangement look. Talking about the fretboard, it is made of bound rosewood material and differentiated by splendid acrylic square trims to yield a warm vibe.

The neck consists of mahogany material that is demonstrating its dependability consistently. Nation and rockabilly subtleties to the rich tones are given by old school vintage vibrato. Essentially, 21st-century roller saddles wipe out the outdated tuning issues that players confronted while performing.

The enormous, full-conditioned, and even yield is accomplished by Ibanez Classic tip-top pickups that guarantee guitarists to contact the constraints of music.

The AF75T semi-acoustic electric guitar by Ibanez is pushing the limits of music level. With mahogany set-in neck, chrome equipment, and two great tip-top pickups you get the opportunity to encounter some genuine guitar feel.


  • Mahogany set-in neck ensures reliability.
  • VBF70 vintage vibrato provides country and rockabilly nuances to rich tones.
  • The top, back, and sides are made up of maple


  • No cons



Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Ibanez makes some genuinely great electric guitars with top quality workmanship and conveys them at truly sensible costs, and the Artcore line is no exemption. The AS73 is a studio-commendable semi-empty that performs like a guitar that is more than double the cost.

With smooth, very much cleaned frets and smooth fingerboard on a set mahogany neck, your fingers will cherish playing this guitar. The activity is entirely playable straight out of the case and the tone equals the top of the line, huge name brands. An amazing aspect regarding this Ibanez is the unimaginable scope of sound you can accomplish.

Regardless of whether you’re searching for round, warm tones to play smooth jazz, a little twang for your nation, or some smash for your grunge, you can discover it in this AS73.

It’s an overall heavyweight guitar that can deal with a huge number of sorts. Pick what you love to play, get this guitar, and go. It’s prepared for you.


  • Extreme versatility
  • Sounds good
  • Premium quality


  • No Cons


Ibanez Artcore AS53 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

It wouldn’t be right to remark that Ibanez is setting an extreme rivalry for notable semi-empty guitar producing brands. We have looked through a great deal in this value run yet at the same time, the best stone and jazz semi-empty guitar is in all honesty AS53 by Ibanez.

Ibanez makes some genuinely great electric guitars with top quality workmanship and conveys them at truly sensible costs, and the Artcore line is no special case.


  • The top, back, and sides are made up of Sapele wood
  • Master volume and Mastertone control knobs
  • Infinity R pickups


  • No cons





Ibanez Artcore AM53 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

Ibanez’s Artcore arrangement has some great competitors for the best empty body guitars under $500, of which the AM53 is the most moderate. It’s so reasonable, truth be told, that it could be viewed as a passage level guitar on the off chance that you need a semi-empty as your first hatchet.

The AM53 isn’t a toy, however, it is entirely fundamental. Sapele in the body impersonates mahogany in its lower end reverberation, however, the nyatoh neck needs support and truly lessens the tone. The Infinity R humbuckers are likewise fundamental, however, they do a sufficient activity of transmitting a non-squawky tone from a lower-end guitar.

For your cash, you could get a much more pleasant acoustic-electric or strong body electric, and I would suggest that over the Ibanez AM53 semi-empty body guitar. In case you’re looking for your first instrument, it’s not the most noticeably awful you could do, however, you’ll show signs of improvement in playability and tone from a guitar in another class in a similar value go.


  • Inexpensive guitar with decent semi-hollow body sound
  • Attractive looks
  • Few feedback issues


  • Low Grade tonewoods
  • Unimpressive stock pickups


Buying Guide

You have perused the audits of my best semi- hollow-bodied electric/semi-acoustic guitars above. Presently you have a thought about which guitar brands are creating what and some thought of what you ought to go for. Be that as it may, you’re as yet not prepared to settle on the correct decision as the market is totally soaked there. In this segment of my article, I will clarify various parts, the kind of sounds the guitar makes from the six choices I made above.

For any music maker, particularly the youthful and rousing ones, it is critical to initially have a thought of what the person prevalently would play. The youthful artists must make certain of what sort of music they would create like jazz, rock, pop, blues, nation, or rock.

Understand that semi-empty bodies and strong guitars each produce various sounds appropriate for a specific sort of classification.

At the point when you need a hotter tone from your semi-empty body instrument, nothing can convey better than semi filled bodies. These guitars are the best at delivering satisfying, woody, and full solid. Semi unfilled are simply loaded with consonant lavishness. The best thing about these guitars is the way that they can nearly deliver a sound like unfilled bodies – all you need is the correct setting (amp settings) to receive the best in return.

Solid Bodies ought to be your go-to guitar on the off chance that you are searching for supportability. When contrasted and their partners, these guitars perform like nothing else at high intensification. At the point when you are grasping these, you don’t need to stress a solitary piece over the body reverberation. Because of this reality, strong guitars are accessible in a wide assortment of shapes and plans. These guitars as a rule work without any resounding bores, they completely rely upon intensification and because of this, they are most appropriate for the utilization of impacts




Q: Would it be a good idea for me to purchase an empty body electric guitar?

A: Any guitar with enormous depressions in it will be progressively powerless to input, yet the middle square in semi-hollow guitars does a quite great job of restraining the criticism contrasted with a hollow body. On the off chance that you play a semi-hollow body electric guitar acoustically, it will be unmistakable from a solid body by its stronger tone.

Q: What are empty body electric guitars for?

A: Hollow body guitars are essentially utilized in jazz and blues. They produce clear, delicate tones. Semi-hollow body guitars use a middle square of wood. They can manage expanded increases.

 Final Words

 Every one of the 6 of my decisions for the best semi-hollow body electric guitar is an extraordinary worth which can make it difficult to pick only one. In any case, regardless of which guitar you select, simply realize that you’re certainly going to get your cash worth. So whether you settle on your choice depends on wood type, style, cost, or generally speaking tone and support, you can do as such with certainty.

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