6 Best Acoustic Guitar Polish

We all love the latest, sparkling, shiny acoustic guitar. The matter is that the design simply doesn’t last. when several weeks of taking part in, what was once a swish, the stunning body starts to gather fingerprints, dirt, and even scratches.

You’ll be able to wipe them away to some extent, however, the dazzle remains diminished. Unless that’s, you have got an honest and the best acoustic guitar polish handy.

These purpose-built products facilitate reviving your guitar’s sparkle. A great deal of them is even suited to matte bodies, creating your acoustic guitar looks as swish since the day to procure it. I tend to go on groundwork to search out the best acoustic guitar polish – this article is my findings.

Polishing can preserve your guitar’s life because it prevents dirt and dirt from damaging each of the aesthetics and, probably, the electrics. Removing dirt from your instrument frequently can make sure that it doesn’t get at bay anyplace it shouldn’t whereas mistreatment polish on the body and fretboard can facilitate it to stay from inessential signs of aging. Not solely can your stringed instrument last longer after you take excellent care of it, however, it’ll still look new, well into its life.

Then, the taking part in expertise is beyond any doubt drum sander on a well-maintained stringed instrument. Polish that’s designed to treat the fretboard and take away any unwanted grime or dirt can keep your fingers running across it swimmingly and make sure that everything sounds even as it ought to. The best time to try to do this maintenance is once you’re ever-changing the strings – and bear in mind to treat it with fretboard oil each therefore usually to confirm the essential oils don’t run out.

Best Acoustic Guitar Polish

Here I am simply specializing in guitar polish products. Therefore here are, in my opinion, the best acoustic guitar polish products on the market nowadays.

Ernie Ball Instrument Polish Microfiber

This guitar clean from Ernie Ball is a magnificent spending choice. Accompanying a free microfibre cleaning material, it’s a non-slick arrangement that abandons no buildup. It will be protected on most woods and completes and accompanies a microfibre material for simplicity of use. 

It’s speedy and simple to apply and expel and the recipe is genuinely mellow, so you don’t have to stress over any antagonistic effect on your guitar. Like different shine, it comes as a splash with a little spout to discharge the fluid. It works exclusively as a clean, and shouldn’t be utilized as a general cleaner for strings or frets. 

Ernie Ball’s clean will suit individuals who are searching for a modest and simple choice and are just keen on cleaning their instruments. It will be less fit for those searching for support past basic cleaning.


  • It comes with a microfiber cloth for application.
  • It’s very budget-friendly.
  • It can also be used for cleaning CDs.


  • The spray bottle feels cheap and can drip a little.
  • The formula is pretty mild.


Music MN103 Guitar Cleaner Polish

Music Nomad’s MN103 is a 3-in-1 cleaner, clean, and wax. Astonishingly, past these three highlights, it additionally incorporates UV assurance against sun harm and uses a biodegradable recipe, so it won’t wreck the earth. 

The three-in-one fluid is intended to work with sparkle completes, so remember that (it won’t be appropriate for matte guitars). The wax may likewise put a few people off, as it can at times leave a buildup. 

The arrangement arrives in a little, helpful 4 oz bottle with an instrument that is anything but difficult to stow away. Bigger sizes are accessible, however, the 4 oz is the ideal ‘minimal red riding hood’ sum (not all that much, not very little).


  • 3-in-1 cleaner, polish, and wax
  • Includes UV protection against sun damage
  • The formula is biodegradable


  • Only for gloss finishes


Lizard Spit

Just as adoring the name and brand, the fluid usually alluded to as ‘spit’ ends up being generally excellent as well. You can utilize it on metals, plastics, lacquered (counting nitrocellulose), and varnished wood. It fills in as a residue repellent after application and incorporates extraordinary polymers to shield your guitar from fingerprints and buildup. These may contain silicone. It’s anything but difficult to apply and expel and arrive in a little shower bottle. 

It utilizes eco-accommodating fixings that are biodegradable, non-poisonous, and alright for various surfaces; plastic or metal, just as wood with any sort of finish. 

Reptile Spit will be appropriate to guitarists with various guitars, who might want something that functions admirably as a decent all-rounder. It probably won’t be fit for those searching for something reason intended to upgrade their reflexive sparkle.


  • Can be used on painted, lacquered, or varnished wood, as well as metal and plastic.
  • Doubles up as a dust repellent.
  • Eco-friendly ingredients, 
  • Leaves a great finish without a lot of buffing


  • It comes in a very small bottle.
  • No cloth included.


Gibson Guitar Polish

If you have a Gibson laying around, that needs a makeover, the Gibson Guitar Polish may be the item for you. The recipe is perfect for nitrocellulose wraps up. It is not necessarily the case that it won’t chip away at silk or polished completion. 

Be that as it may, you truly get your cash’s worth when cleaning a nitrocellulose finish. A little goes far as well. Even though this arrives in a 4-ounce splash bottle, you’ll see that you just need to utilize a limited quantity to get that great Gibson sparkle back. 

Something else that I like about this clean is how well it safeguards the smell of a guitar. Psyche you, it won’t reestablish it on the off chance that you’d quit cleaning your guitar years back. Be that as it may, it will assist with keeping up the polish smell of another Gibson for a considerable length of time to come. 

Even though you don’t have to utilize a lot of it, it’s ideal to utilize the clean every time you change your strings or in the wake of cleaning your guitar. Abstain from getting the recipe on the strings as it might leave a thick buildup that can influence your playing and the sound.


  • Among the best for nitrocellulose finishes
  • Good value for the money
  • Preserves the smell of wood


  • Requires thorough rubbing to avoid spots


Music Nomad150 All in 1 Cleaner

If you’ve effectively utilized Music Nomad Guitar Cleaning items before, you should realize what’s in store of the MN150, otherwise called Guitar One (like Air Force One, perhaps?). 

This is an across the board cleaner, unquestionably worth getting in the 12-ounce bottle. The shower conveyance framework will assist you with spreading the equation equitably in the most impenetrable spaces. The equation works extraordinarily on lustrous guitars. On the off chance that you have a matte guitar, this is likely not for you. 

As an across the board cleaner, the MN150 offers a larger number of advantages than a customary guitar clean. For instance, this cleaning arrangement additionally adds a UV defensive covering to the guitar body. It’s certainly something you need on the off chance that you regularly practice or play live gigs outside.


  • Ideal for glossy guitars
  • Large bottle
  • Cleaner and polisher
  • Alcohol free


  • Not easy to adjust the spray


Buying Guide

Things to contemplate one’s Purchasing for Acoustic Guitar Polish

There are several things to contemplate before you appear and purchase the primary bottle of polish you see.

#Silicone, or Silicone-free?

Many polishes embody polymer. This is often nice for enhancing shine and revitalizing shine. However, it comes with its downsides. The polymer will leave a residue that’s terribly laborious to get rid of. While this may build your stringed instrument to look higher, it will cause issues if your stringed instrument ever wants a repair. Polymers will stop the glue from operating properly, creating easy repairs far more difficult than they have to be. If you’re progressing to use a polish with a polymer, make sure that it’s used on areas that won’t be affected if your stringed instrument would like any work doing thereon.

#Gloss or Matte?

Some polishes are only suited to gloss finishes – sometimes ‘poly’ (polyurethane) finishes – whereas some are appropriate for matte guitars yet. Generally, they’re all suited to gloss finishes unless the bottle states otherwise. It’s best to assume that the polish is unsuitable for matte guitars unless it expressly states that it’s. Employing a polish that’s not suited to a matte stringed instrument on one will find yourself giving it its own shine.

#Application technique / Size of Bottle

All polishes have to be compelled to be rubbed in with material or microfibre material. A number of the bottles go along with spray dispensers, while some are poured onto a material. A number of them have clothes enclosed, while some don’t. Would you rather have one thing that you just will spray on, or pour on to material first? The selection is yours: each is on the market.

In terms of the dimensions of the bottle, assume what quantity polish does one would like, and significantly however transportable you wish the bottle to be? These bottles vary from concerning 4oz to 12oz. The 4oz bottles provide movableness and lightness while 12oz can provide you with a higher worth for cash. It’ll additionally, of course, rely upon what number of guitars you’re treating, and the way usually.


Q: In what capacity would it be a good idea for me to perfect or clean my guitar? 

A: Most locally acquired guitar and car shines will work fine on the lustrous regions of our UV-completed guitars worked after 1995. This shine will likewise function admirably on more seasoned sparkle finish models. You may likewise essentially utilize a spotless, clammy fabric to wipe down the surfaces and follow rapidly with perfect, dry material. We don’t suggest utilizing any clean on non-shine wraps up. Rather, we suggest cleaning the surfaces with an off microfiber fabric.

To clean the fingerboard, we utilize and suggest 0000 extra-fine steel fleece. Just rub the steel fleece here and there the length of the fingerboard directly over the highest points of the frets. This will expel any grime from the fingerboard without harming the wood and will likewise expel any oxidation from the frets, giving them a pleasant sparkle. Try not to utilize furniture shines on any of our guitars whenever, as they will probably harm the completion. 

Q: What do you suggest for cleaning scratches or cleaning my guitar? 

A: I won’t suggest a particular brand, a significant number of my choices is perfect for cleaning surface scratches. On the off chance that you have further scratches, at that point you may need to bring your guitar to a specialist to be polished/sanded/then re-sparkled. On the off chance that you have glossy silk or semi gleam guitar, kindly don’t utilize clean. At the point when a clean is utilized on the glossy silk it changes the appearance forever making shine recognizes, the best possible approach to deal with this completion is essential to utilize a clammy cloth.

Final Thought

Regardless of whether you have a lustrous or a matte-completed guitar, cleaning it isn’t sufficient if you need it to look and play great. 

At last, it’s dependent upon you to pick the correct cleaner for your guitar. Get the best completion and broaden the life of your guitar.

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