Guitar Accessories Trivia Quiz

Guitar Accessories Trivia Quiz

Answer each question to the best of your ability. Results at the end!


#1. Plectrum is another name for which guitar accessory

#2. What is the name of the second string of a standard guitar?

#3. What is the name of the fourth string of a standard guitar?

#4. Screw capos work using an adjustable mechanism that allows you to fine-tune its pressure against the?

#5. In 1964, Fender introduced dot inlays made of what material?

#6. Who founded Mosrite?

#7. The Steve Vai Signature Ibanez JEM model includes which unique feature?

#8. Prior to the foundation of Kramer Guitars, Gary Kramer worked with which other guitar brand

#9. The Gibson ES-330 uses which type of pickup?

#10. In addition to the word "Gibson" a J-45 from 1943 would also include what words on the headstock?

#11. The first batch of Alembic modified basses with active electronics were built out of?