Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

Short scale bass guitars are precisely what you may count on them to be. An ordinary instrument has a scale length shorter than 31 inches and is satisfactory for beginners, younger or professional musicians searching to experiment with the bass riffs. Over the years short-scale bass guitars have been used typically in rock music.

But what are the best short-scale bass guitars under $300 or currently handy to purchase?

To buy the pleasant and the best short-scale bass guitar for your musical needs, I have gathered together the most impressive instruments that healthy the parameters I have regarded necessary: scale length, guitar weight, tonewood, pickups, fee tag, and warranty.

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300 Review

The article faces first an evaluation desk of the five best short-scale bass guitars under $300, accompanied with the aid of evaluations that consist of the key features, professionals, and cons as well as a product description. The buying information is then broken down into the key distinguishing aspects of a quick scale bass guitar, buying suggestions, and then specific elements you consider. 

Information for the article has been gathered from numerous sources and client critiques of products. It is necessary you take your time and do as much research as feasible before committing to one specific quick scale bass guitar.


Squier Fender Bronco Torino Bass Guitar

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

The Squier Fender Bronco Bass is a price range brief scale bass guitar that is best for those starting out on the instrument. Constructed from the more cost-effective agathis tonewood, the Bronco Bass has decent tonality regardless of having decreased sound sustainability. The agathis physique is completed with a gloss polyurethane finish which gives the guitar a smooth-looking appearance. The C-shaped maple necks add to this slick look.

While experts may additionally whinge about these cost-cutting measures that make the playing journey much less comfortable, for novices these elements are no longer so necessary and the good deal fee of the Bronco Bass is simply something to consider.

Weighing 9 lbs, the Bronco Bass is in the medium variety of weights for brief scale bass guitars. The instrument travels nicely and is sturdy sufficient to withstand live performance. The pickup for the guitar is a single-plane single-coil which, though limited, is capable of transducing the sound output to make sure that the Bronco Bass can be linked with respectable amplifiers to manipulate the sound.

The instrument is available on a two-year guarantee which is amongst the most beneficent of assurance choices in the online short-scale bass guitar market. Having this assurance affords customers with magnificent protection, mainly when purchasing the guitar for a novice who may additionally be unsure about committing to the instrument.

Product Specifications:


  • Slick body
  • Designed pick-up
  • Lightweight
  • Travel worthy


  • Sound is not too good
  • Bad construction



Ibanez 4 String Guitar Sunburst 

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

It won’t be wise if you think the Ibanez GSR is nothing but a toy. The equal excessive standards of the other GIO series guitars are used in its manufacturing process too.

This little beast features, small scale SR body, full sound pickups, the same construction, identical materials, and equal set-up and inspection as its full dimension counterparts. 

It’s best for tour buses, space-restricted home studios, of us with smaller hands, as nicely as young rockers or beginners.

Product Specifications:


  • Slender neck
  • Easy to hold
  • Sweet sounding pick-ups
  • Comfortable


  • Bowed neck
  • Strippes truss rod



Gretsch Electric Bass Guitar – G2220

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

The Gretsch G2224 Junior Jet Electric Bass Guitar II is every other quick scale bass guitar that’s extraordinarily popular in the guitar community and for the right reason.

If you are anyone who has been concerned in the guitar neighborhood for a while, you may also have heard of the brand Gretsch. However, if you’re new to the world of guitars, you probably comprehend that Gretsch is a guitar manufacturer that’s extraordinarily popular and established for producing guitars of the absolute best quality related to sturdiness and sound.

If you’re on the hunt for the first-class quick scale bass guitar neck that’s handy to make transitions on, the neck on this short-scale bass is at 30-inches, which makes it best for quick transitions.

The extent and tone managed on this guitar will provide your instrument with an almost flawless sound. 

Product Specifications:


  • Affordable
  • Quality sound
  • Deep Bass sound
  • Comfortable to hold


  • Some models may have loose controls
  • Minor fret buzzing



Dean Mahogany Short Scale Bass Electric Guitar – EVOXM

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

If you are searching for a two pick-up bass guitar at a low-priced price with the appropriate appearance to play metallic and heavy metal then Dean is the one which is simply the right bass for the job.

Aside from the popular Metalman bass of Dean. This suits the bill to supply the type of clean and aggressive overdriven sound unique for the metallic genre. The Dean has a double-cutaway physique made of basswood, available in burled maple pinnacle burst and herbal finish. The neck is bolt-on maple with a 24 frets walnut fingerboard marked by pearl dots.

Pick-ups to administer the sound are DMT Design MM-Style humbuckers positioned on the neck and bridge controlled through two quantities and two-tone knobs. For hardware, the bass is equipped with a vintage style 4-saddle bridge and sealed die-cast tuners in black.

Product Specifications:


  • Double cutaway body
  • Basswood
  • Comfortable neck
  • Two pick-up


  • No issues


Ibanez GSRM 20MP2 Metallic

Best Short Scale Bass Guitars Under $300

Following the amazing success of the Mikro guitars, Ibanez has now delivered Mikro basses into the fold, based totally on the Soundgear line. The shortened scale is the best answer for smaller hands, youthful players, or somewhere that house is at a premium. 

The physique is crafted from Agathis, with a convenient to play Maple neck and points a rosewood fingerboard topped with 22 medium frets. 

The GSRM20 houses a set of P (neck) and J (bridge) fashion pickups for unlimited tonal possibilities. The chrome hardware brings it collectively with a B10 bridge. 

Product Specifications:


  • Easy to play
  • Short scale
  • Maple neck
  • Mahogany body


  • Case is not included


Buying Tips

Features to contemplate while buying the right short scale bass. 

To pick the best short-scale bass guitars under $300 you have to consider the following facts:

Scale length

Depending on the scale of your reach, the size length is a crucial aspect to consider. If you’re purchasing a baby, it’s recommended that you just buy a brief scale bass a minimum of a pair of inches longer than others to permit them to grow into the guitar.

It is right down to personal preference. you ought to attempt the various scale lengths to figure out, which is best suited for your playing style.


Research the simplest strings for brief scale guitar and investigate what’s recommended by the manufacturer. Most strings used for long scale guitars also will work fine on a short-scale bass guitar.


For people who are touring, selecting the lightest bass is going to be helpful in terms of comfort similarly as portability.


Some say the selection of wood for a short-scale guitar is critical, whereas others claim the electronics are more important. Standard wood choices and their properties include:


The most common material for the fretwood of a short-scale guitar is rosewood because of its softness when fingers cut down on the strings.

It’s all the way down to personal preference on what percentage frets you’d like.


It is worth checking with the manufacturer on which pickup they recommend. 


Before you buy, here are the solutions to some helpful, most-frequently asked questions:

Are quick scale basses more appropriate for beginner guitar players?

Even the attainment of the beginner is short, having a short-scale bass guitar will clearly aid the amateur in getting to know the process. However, brief scale bass guitars have a one of a kind sound and are also appealing for more skilled bass guitar players.

How to measure a guitar’s neck scale?

Measure from the front aspect of the nut to the core of the twelfth fret, then double that distance to get the proper scale length.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article about the best short-scale bass guitars under $300 has given you all the records you need to understand about short-scale bass guitars as nicely as highlighting some manageable purchasing options.